The Snuggle Is Real: Every Lazy Girl Can Seriously Relate To These 8 Things

Lazy is that one "L" word you don't run away from or get scared of committing to. Being lazy is genuinely a lifestyle, and if you still have to manage to get some adulting done, laziness is truly an art form. If you find yourself in the crew of people who are lazy, you know some things to be all too true.

For some people, it's easy to tune in and out of laziness. Maybe you decide to be lazy so you can catch up on your fave show or chill in the sun with a glass of lemonade the whole afternoon. For die-hard lazy people, there is no occasional visit to chilling the heck out and putting your priorities on hold for a bit. At any given moment, you are waiting to fully utilize that laziness and go into straight-up auto pilot.

Laziness is truly a way of unplugging. You aren't doing anything, and the only thing on your mind is reaching peak comfort and relaxation. The mindset of a lazy person is laid-back, and there are plenty of ways to flex your laziness. If you're lazy and are daydreaming about your couch or bed right about now, you and other lazy people have a lot more in common.

People Question How You Manage To Get So Many Things Done

What happens between you and your laziness, stays between you and your laziness. People will always be amazed and impressed about how you manage to get so much sh*t done, because you love to embrace the lazy vibes on the regular.

You'd Totally Ditch Plans Just To Snuggle In Bed

Ditching plans so that you can stay in your PJs and take in every soft stitching of your blankets is something you've done many times before. Yeah, grabbing a drink at a bar with friends sounds fun and all, but your cozy bed is calling your name and you can't ignore it. I mean, at least you aren't ditching your friends for other friends, right?

You Have Mastered The Art Of A Lazy Sunday

Sunday and lazy are your favorite power couple, and you have no problem third wheeling it. You completely unplug on Sundays, and you could totally teach a class on how to do nothing on such a chill day. Being lazy on Sunday really preps you for the beginning of the week. You should know.

You Wish You Could Wear Pajamas Forever And Always

Pajamas are the most comfortable clothes in the world. You have drawers full of them, and you wish you could incorporate them into your main wardrobe. If it weren't for work, dress codes, and the awkward stares on your walk to work, you'd totally be in a onesie and fluffy slippers every single day.

Procrastination Is Your Super Power

There are some highs and lows when it comes to being lazy. While you're all for taking the good with the bad, you grow from it either way. Procrastination has become your ally, and although it might not be the most tactical approach to getting things done, you do it consistently.

You Enjoy Any And All Downtime

In the middle of a long day at work, you genuinely cherish and enjoy every minute of downtime. Coffee and lunch breaks are undoubtedly your favorites times of day, besides relaxing at home with a glass of wine after work.

You Wish Your Alarm Clock Would Get A Life

You and your alarm clock will never, ever get along. It's the one thing that disturbs you from those beloved Z's and reminds you that it's time to do some adulting. Ugh, the struggle is so real. I guess it is more of a love, hate relationship, because it keeps you in check.

Your Idea Of A Good Time Is: Eat, Relax, And Repeat

When you're lazy, you're the easy-going friend and plans with the crew don't have to be super elaborate. As long as many of them involve chilling out with your favorite people, eating some quick and easy snacks, and wearing cozy sweats, you are so there.

When you're part of the lazy crew, you're unwinding and soaking in the more relaxing elements of life. For that, you truly deserve all the kudos.