Tell Your Entire AIM Buddy List, 'Pen15' Season 2 Is Officially Happening

by Dylan Kickham

Grab your scrunchies and gel pens, because Hulu's ode to middle school in the early 2000s is coming back for a second season. About three months after Pen15 debuted its first season, Hulu has now announced that its subscribers will get to see even more of Maya and Anna's seventh grade adventures very soon. Pen15 Season 2 is happening, and there is even more good news because the new season will have even more episodes than Season 1 did.

Hulu announced renewals for both Pen15 and its fellow recent freshman comedy Ramy on Wednesday morning at their 2019 Upfronts presentation. Both of these Season 2 pick-ups follow shortly after Hulu also renewed Aidy Bryant's Shrill for a second season, denoting how much clout the streaming service is putting behind its new original comedies. Hulu also announced a bunch of upcoming new shows during the presentation, which include two new Marvel adaptations (Ghost Rider and Helstrom), the Nicole Kidman drama Nine Perfect Strangers, a new programming deal with Chrissy Teigen, and Kate McKinnon's Elizabeth Holmes series The Dropout.

That is a lot to look forward to, but Pen15 fans are probably mainly just curious about what the second season of the coming-of-age comedy will look like. One big plus is that Hulu renewed Pen15 for 14 new episodes, which means Season 2 will have four more episodes than the 10-episode Season 1.

Co-creators and stars Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle have also given fans a pretty good idea about what their characters will be up to in the upcoming season. In an interview shortly after the first season debuted in full, Erskine and Konkle said that a potential Season 2 would follow up on two major events from the ending of the first season. Here's where the spoiler alert for anyone who has not finished Pen15 Season 1 comes in.

For Anna's big storyline in Season 2, Anna Konkle said that she wants the show to delve into how the divorce of Anna's parents is affecting her. In the final episode of the debut season, Anna's parents told her that they were separating, which Konkle said she wrote based on how her actual parents informed her of their divorce when she was younger. The new season will deal with how the effect this major change has on Anna.

And as for Maya, Season 2 will be all about becoming a woman. The debut season ended with Maya getting her first period, but she has yet to actually tell anyone about that. Erskine shared that Maya's periods will play a major role in her story for the new season, adding that Season 2 will deal with darker and more mature stuff.

Another important thing for fans to know as Pen15 continues on is that the show never plans on seeing Maya and Anna age out of seventh grade. The co-creators said that the plan for right now is to keep Maya and Anna in seventh grade forever, so we will not be seeing a graduation or high school episode any time soon, if ever.

There is no indication of when Pen15 Season 2 may drop on Hulu just yet, but hopefully fans will get the new season around the beginning of 2020.