'Parasite' will be available to stream on Hulu in April.

Get Ready For 'Parasite' To Invade Your Home, Because It's Coming To Hulu So Soon


Glory to the holy Wi-Fi! After dominating at the 2020 Academy Awards, Parasite is the movie everyone is talking about right now, and now film lovers can stream it from the comfort of their own homes. Parasite is coming to Hulu in April, so anyone who missed it in theaters can finally see for themselves why it was widely considered the best movie of 2019.

The Hulu announcement comes two weeks after Parasite cleaned up at the Oscars, taking home the coveted Best Picture Oscar. The movie also won Best International Feature Film, and writer/director Bon Joon-ho was awarded Best Original Screenplay with his cowriter Han Jin-won and Best Director. After winning the most Oscars of the night, including the marquee Best Picture win, Parasite experienced a significant box office bump as more movie fans became interested in seeing the South Korean thriller. The film is still in some theaters nationwide, but some people prefer to wait for movies to hit streaming services before checking them out, and thankfully, the wait for Parasite will not be that long.

Hulu announced that Parasite would be available to stream on Wednesday, April 8. That means Hulu subscribers have just over a month to wait before being able to watch (or rewatch) Parasite.

Parasite's streaming rights are part of Hulu's exclusive deal with NEON, the movie's distributor. The deal was finalized in 2017 and granted Hulu the exclusive streaming rights to all of the films distributed by NEON. The deal has led to several critically acclaimed movies being available on Hulu, including Margot Robbie's Tonya Harding film I, Tonya, Anne Hathaway's monster movie Colossal, and Aubrey Plaza's biting social media dramedy Ingrid Goes West.

I won't spoil Parasite for you if you are still waiting to watch it, but the movie follows the Kims, a South Korean family struggling to get by with low-paying temporary jobs. When the Kim son, Ki-woo, is brought in as a tutor for the wealthy Park family's daughter Da-hye, he discovers opportunities to get the rest of his family on the Park's generous payroll. But everything changes after the Kim family makes a totally unexpected discovery.

Given how much buzz Parasite has gotten after its big Oscars win, chances are that someone in your life has already urged you to see it. If you've been waiting for the movie to hit a streaming service to check it out, or if you had already seen it but want to watch it a second time knowing what you know about all those wild twists and turns, then now is the time to celebrate. Parasite will begin streaming on Hulu on Wednesday, April 8.