Panera's New Cold Brew Includes Crave-Worthy Flavors Like Madagascar Vanilla Cream

Courtesy of Panera

As the weather gets warmer, your morning coffee runs might change up a bit. Instead of buying a steaming hot cup of joe on the reg, you might opt for a cold brew to cool you down. If that's the case (because, same), then you might want to check out Panera's new Cold Brew coffee drinks. Believe it or not, your go-to soup and sandwich spot never had its own Cold Brew lineup until now, and its new caffeinated sips sound delicious. Seriously: Once you learn more about the company's new Cold Brew flavors, you'll be stopping at Panera before work every morning.

For as long as I can remember, coffee has always been on Panera's menu. However, the company didn't announce its new Cold Brew lineup until Wednesday, April 10. The new lineup includes three crave-worthy Cold Brew options that'll definitely give your favorite lattes a run for their money. Those options include Original Cold Brew, Madagascar Vanilla Cream Cold Brew, and Madagascar Vanilla Almond Cold Brew.

Therefore, if you're craving cold brew coffee with a touch of flavor, Panera has you covered with two unique options. But if you'd rather stick to an OG brew, then you can opt for the Original. TBH, everybody wins.

Courtesy of Panera

So, what's so "unique" about the new Cold Brew selections? TBH, it's all about the milk. According to Panera, the new Madagascar Vanilla Cream is made with half and half, while the Madagascar Vanilla Almond is made with almond milk. Both sound equally sweet and delicious, so it might be tough to decide between the two. If you're having trouble picking one, why not try both? If you end up trying each one of them and want to stick with the standard cold brew flavor, then you can opt for the Original Cold Brew instead. Like I said, there's something for everyone.

I, personally, have my eyes on the Madagascar Vanilla Almond Cold Brew. All of them sound like delicious pick-me-ups, though.

Courtesy of Panera

Now that you know about Panera's new Cold Brew flavors, you might be wondering how much they cost. (That's totally fair, especially if you're planning on stopping there before work on the reg.) According to the company, a 16-ounce Cold Brew should cost between $2.89 and $3.59. A 20-ounce Cold Brew, on the other hand, should cost between $3.19 and $3.89. However, keep in mind that those prices will vary based on which flavor you order and where you're ordering it.

Speaking of "where," let's talk about Panera locations. If you're trying to find your closest Panera before setting off to work in the morning, head to Panera's official website. Once you're there, look at the top lefthand corner of the screen and click on "Cafes." When you choose that link, you'll be taken to a location page where you'll be able to enter your address, city, or zip code into the search bar. After you provide your location information, nearby Panera stores should populate on your screen.

When you arrive at your local Panera, go ahead and try the company's new Cold Brew flavors. Who knows, you might end up discovering your new favorite morning pick-me-up.