Actor Orlando Bloom recently got a new piece of ink and fans pointed out that Orlando Bloom's morse ...

Oops, Orlando Bloom Misspelled His Tattoo Dedicated To His Son

Paul Archuleta/WireImage/Getty Images

A friendly reminder to anyone planning to get a tattoo: always double check if it's spelled right. Unfortunately, Orlando Bloom learned that the hard way, because, after debuting his new piece of ink on IG, fans told the star it has a major mistake in it: Orlando Bloom's Morse code tattoo for his son, Flynn, is misspelled. The actor has since become aware of the mistake, and is working with his tattoo artist to fix it ASAP.

In an Instagram posted Feb. 12, Bloom debuted a tattoo on his arm dedicated to his 9-year-old son, whom he shares with his ex Miranda Kerr. "New #tattoo can you guess who?" Bloom captioned the photo.

Apart from having his son's name in Morse code, the tattoo has Flynn's date and time of birth on it. It's a simple design, but still extremely meaningful. In a second photo, Bloom shared a selfie with his tattoo artist, Balazs Bercsenyi.

Fans' response to Bloom's new tattoo were divided. Some had no idea what the numbers or dots stood for, while others familiar with Morse code pointed out that, if the tattoo was supposed to spell out "Flynn," it was wrong. Apparently, the Morse code for "L" is dot dash dot dot, while the Morse code for "R" is dot dash dot. Since there's one dot missing, fans said the tattoo actually spells "Frynn."

"You spelled it wrong" and "Sir i'm sorry but that tattoo most definitely says 'frynn'" were just some of the comments underneath's Bloom posts.

Since the actor tagged his tattoo artist, fans also let Bercsenyi know of the mistake. Bercsenyi reposted Bloom's photo and told fans both he and Bloom are aware of the misspelling and will be fixing it soon. "A beautiful reminder for @orlandobloom of his son 👨‍👦 and yes, a dot is missing, we know, it will be fixed :)," Bercsenyi captioned his post.

It seems Bloom and his tattoo artist are not too worried about the slip-up. After Bercsenyi's first post, he shared a selfie with Bloom and the two looked totally happy. "Former Legolas and the hungarian tattooed Frodo 😩😅," Bercsenyi captioned his post.

Thankfully, all they have to do is add another dot and the tattoo will be fixed.