Oreo Is Selling 5 Spooky Halloween Designs With Bright Orange Creme Filling

Courtesy of Nabisco

There is seriously no denying that Oreo goes all in during the holidays, whether that means surprising fans with a spooky Halloween cookie or introducing something merry and bright for the end of the year. And this year, it seems as though "America's favorite cookie" has truly outdone itself in the holiday department. Seriously, if you haven't already perused Oreo's Halloween 2019 cookies, they're about to spice up every spooky gathering this season. Plus, there are even more seasonal cookies to come.

September is right around the corner, folks, and you know what that means: Spooky season is upon us. What rings in fall better than a Halloween-themed Oreo? The first of Oreo's seasonal offerings this year are Halloween-themed cookies that are bound to set the mood for any October gathering. According to an Oreo spokesperson, Oreo Halloween cookies began hitting shelves in mid-August.

Per the brand, they feature five Halloween designs on the signature chocolate cookie, including a witch on a broomstick, a jack-o-lantern, a spiderweb, and a "Boo!" cookie that features a ghost. There is no new flavor with these seasonal treats, but they do feature a bright orange creme filling in the center, giving the perfect orange-and-black aesthetic for Halloween. Per the brand, they will be around for a limited time only while supplies last. Since they started rolling out in August, you should soon see them wherever you usually pick up your Oreos.

Courtesy of Oreo

You might recall the same Halloween Oreos were released in 2018, but who doesn't love a seasonal take on a classic?

Once Halloween is over, you'll be ready to update your Oreos for winter, and the brand shared that Oreo Winter cookies will come back in late-October, complete with a bright red creme filling. Similar to the Halloween Oreos, the holiday-themed bites have five winter designs imprinted on the cookie, from penguins to mittens to a snowman. There's even a fun one with the word "Snow day!" IDK about you, but a snow day with a pack of Oreos sounds perfect. and keep in mind they will only be around for a limited amount of time as well, so I'd snag some once they hit shelves in the fall.

Courtesy of Nabisco

Finally, Oreo is reportedly going to bring back its signature Peppermint Bark Oreo cookies. Honestly, that's the seasonal variety I'm most excited about. Based on the packaging, renowned foodie @CandyHunting shared in a post via Instagram, there might be a tie-in to the Netflix animated film Klaus. Elite Daily reached out to Oreo for comment on the possibility of the returning cookie, but did not hear back at the time of publication. Worry not, though, these cookies were on shelves in 2018, so if they do come back, they'll likely feature the same signature chocolate cookies, sandwiching a delicious layer of minty creme and crunchy candies. My god.

Like I said, nothing beats a seasonal Oreo flavor, and it seems like the brand's holiday selection is killing it. Between new Halloween and Christmas designs and — most importantly — the rumored return of Peppermint Bark, it looks like this holiday is going to be seriously sweet. Be prepared for the snack session of a lifetime to close out the year.