Oreo's Cookies and Creme Eggs for Easter 2021 won't be around long.

Oreo Is Releasing Cookies & Creme Eggs Just In Time For Easter

by Daffany Chan

There's a new twist on a classic treat that's here just in time for Easter. Oreo recently dropped its new Cookies and Creme Eggs for the upcoming holiday on Sunday, April 4, featuring the chocolatey pieces you know and love in adorable egg shapes. Since Oreo's Cookies and Creme Eggs for Easter 2021 won't be around for long, you'll want to snatch up a bag while you can.

Oreo’s Cookies and Creme Eggs are the brand's latest snacks to get an egg-shaped update. ICYMI, the brand first released creme-filled eggs for the holiday season in 2019 featuring a shell made out of chocolate and cookies and creme filling. This year's Easter version includes the same cookies and creme filling but takes things to the next level with a cookies and creme shell made with Oreo cookie pieces. The result is a white shell with brown speckles so that it looks even more like a real egg, and is packed with more of that classic Oreo flavor. To top things off, each Oreo Cookies and Creme Eggs come individually wrapped, making it easy to share this Easter.

Since Easter is quickly approaching, you'll want to stock up on Oreo's Cookies and Creme Eggs ASAP. You can find the bite-sized treats at nationwide retailers including Target, where a 10-ounce bag is selling for $3.59. The holiday-themed product will only be available for a limited time.

And the new eggs aren't the only exciting twists Oreo is putting on its classic cookies this year — there are also plenty of new flavors out for 2021. You can choose from permanent offerings such as Strawberry Frosted Donut Oreos, where a 12.2-ounce bag is selling for $4.29 at Target, as well as Java Chip Oreos, where a 17-ounce bag is selling at Walmart for $3.67.

If you decide to pick up some classic or egg-shaped Oreos this spring, remember to follow the most updated CDC guidelines on social distancing and mask-wearing when you head to the store.