This Hotel Is A Dream Come True For Millennials Who Love Marble-Printed Everything

O:LV Fifty Five Hotel / @kristincorpuz_

When I think of my future dream home, I picture modern design, neutral colors, and gold accents. But what I want in my decor more than anything else is marble print throughout. I think that marble — in any color — is classy, elegant, chic, and best of all, timeless. So, imagine how in love I was when I discovered that O:LV Fifty Five Hotel is an Instagram haven for people who love marble-printed everything.

When I walked into O:LV Fifty Five Hotel in San Juan on my recent trip to Puerto Rico, I was in complete and utter awe that marble print is literally everywhere — from the floors and the tables, to the trendy key cards to get into your room. (Even the trash cans and flower planters are marble-printed!)

The hotel has a beautiful continuity in the marble design. The waiters' aprons at the Arya rooftop restaurant feature the same pattern as the marble tiles on the restaurant's floor. My hotel room had three different kinds of marble flooring that somehow all worked together effortlessly. The floors even mixed well with the work desk, bathroom counter, and walls — all of which were, of course, marble.

Though I know design and decor should never be the sole reason you stay at a hotel, if you're a marble print lover like me, O:LV Fifty Five is a hotel that you absolutely need to see IRL (and the incredible amenities and views certainly don't disappoint, either).

The design is really thoughtful, modern, and chic.


I am by no means an expert on interior design, but I can tell that a lot of thought and careful planning went into decorating this stunning hotel. Everything about it screams — or rather, whispers — class and elegance.

The clean lines, pops of color, vintage-inspired pieces (like the giant Edison bulb table lamp in my room), and gorgeous accents (There's gold metal and plush velvet throughout the hotel.) made for a really beautiful hotel experience.

I believe that O:LV Fifty Five really embraces the beauty of the surroundings in San Juan's trendy Condado neighborhood, while also curating a unique experience specific to the property. It feels both trendy and timeless as you walk through, making for a relaxing and enjoyable stay.

No detail was overlooked when it came to adding the marble print.


I was actually amazed at how much marble the hotel was able to incorporate into the decor and design. The key cards have marble print (and also feature the lobby's marble tile pattern on the back), the waiters at Arya wear aprons that match the marble tile flooring of the restaurant, and even the plush faux fur blanket in my room featured marble print on it.


One of my favorite little details of the decor during my stay was the room number system. Each of the rooms is numbered a certain time of day (mine, pictured above, was 5:55), and has an analog clock displaying the time outside the door, but no actual room number. The face of the clock is — what else — marble, accented with shiny gold hands and a bold frame. This is certainly a really cute and unique addition to the overall feel of the hotel.

I love that the marble is everywhere around the hotel, and that it isn't always the same pattern. The pool area has different kinds of marble all around. The marble inside the pool is different than the rim, and the tile on the floor is different from the walls. The decor is bold, yet somehow still neutral, and of course, fulfilled all of my marble print dreams.

I have no doubt that I'll be back soon.


I loved everything about my stay in Puerto Rico — the people, the food, the music, and the culture are all so incredible — but staying at O:LV Fifty Five was definitely the cherry on top of an amazing trip.

Though I think my dream home is still a long way away, I know that I can always come back here to get some marble print inspo. With the amazing city of San Juan as the backdrop, I truly think that there's no better place to stay.