Olivia Jade hits the red carpet in a strapless dress.

Olivia Jade Hinted She's Returning to YouTube On IG & It's A LOT To Handle

Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Olivia Jade has kept a low profile since her mom, Lori Loughlin, faced jail time in October 2020 for fraud charges stemming from her highly-publicized college admissions scandal. Olivia Jade once ran a popular YouTube channel, but put it on the back burner due to the fallout from the scandal. Now, it looks like she could be ready to return to the spotlight. Whether you've been missing her vlogs or not, Olivia Jade's Instagram about returning to YouTube is a lot right now!

Jade, now 21 years old, has been teasing her YouTube return for quite some time, with her first post about breaking hiatus arriving on Dec. 29. Jade spoke out after a fan on TikTok dropped a comment asking for a YouTube return. "Please post again on YouTube I love watching your videos!!!" the fan said. Jade not only replied, but promised to make her way back to the platform. "Ok I will. I guess I will come back to YouTube," she said.

The YouTuber wasn't sure what the public perception of her internet return would be, but was sure to say she's thankful for the fans showing their support. "Comments like this actually make my day and I just am really grateful," she said.

On Jan. 17, she shared a new update about her return. Taking to her Instagram story, Jade told fans she's been working on new videos. "I genuinely just have the biggest smile on my face while editing. I'm starting to remember why I did this whole thing at 14. Brings genuine joy," she wrote. "I'm v excited for this new chapter and also a little mind blown – you guys haven't seen a vlog of mine since I was… 19," Jade added.

Jade has been apologetic abouther involvement in the college admissions scandal that resulted in Loughlin being sentenced to two months in prison for making bribes to have her daughters enrolled at the University of South Carolina. Loughlin has since been released, and her daughter spoke out about the scandal in a lengthy interview on Jada Pinkett Smith's Red Table Talk.

"There is no justifying or excusing what happened because what happened was wrong," Jade said. "And I think every single person in my family can be like, that was messed up. That was a big mistake."

With a sincere apology under her belt, Jade's ready to look to the future.