Offset Just Opened Up About The Time He Crashed Cardi B's Concert To Apologize

by Candice Jalili
Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Months after it happened, Offset's quote about apologizing to Cardi B at her concert finally tells us everything that was going through his head when he decided to publicly crash his wife's show. During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this Friday (March 22, 2019), Offset opened up about that now infamous time he decided to go public with his apology to Cardi B. For those of you who missed the cringeworthy moment, let me give you a little refresher.

“I love my wife, so it’s serious — it’s not a game to me,” Offset told DeGeneres.

And why'd he decide to go so big with the surprise concert appearance? Well, the Migos member says that both their schedules are so busy that he had no choice but to go all out.

“We have schedules and we have shows and I just felt like … I can’t give that break between time, so it’s my forefront, I step to it as a man to say I’m wrong,” he explained to DeGeneres. “I step to it as a man, and you don’t have to take me back but I just want you to know I love you and I care and I’m putting it all out on the table.”

Back in December of 2018, Cardi and Offset were officially broken up. Cardi was about to start performing as the first female headliner for the Rolling Loud festival in Los Angeles when... surprise! Offset showed up with a giant sign made of flowers that read, "Take Me Back Cardi." He then took the microphone to say, "I want to tell you I'm sorry, bruh. In person. In front of the world." To put it simply, she appeared to not be into the gesture.

She stared at him and then sent him off stage on his not-so-merry way.

Watch the entire painfully awkward encounter for yourself here:

A lot has changed since December when this exchange took place. Like, for starters, the couple is officially back together and better than ever. No, seriously... have you seen their vacation videos from a couple of weeks ago? They're keeping it super steamy.

The apology wasn't the first thing Offset decided to make public when it comes to his love, Cardi. True fans know that he also popped the question to her at a concert.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

“I asked her to marry me in Philadelphia at the radio show in front of 60,000 people,” he told DeGeneres. “And when I did that, they were like, ‘Oh why’d he do that?’ Because it’s my affection showing; I’m not hiding it. I’m not hiding my affection for you, that’s all. That’s just me being vulnerable, I guess.”

Watch him explain here:

So, hey, maybe (very, very, verrrryyy) public displays of affection are just Offset's love language?! Some guys show their affection through silly cards and cuddles on the couch. This is his thing. And, considering the fact that they're back together, it apparently works just fine for them.