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The Week Of Nov. 11 May Be A Dark Time For These 3 Zodiac Signs


The sun is in spooky, macabre, and heavily emotional Scorpio, which usually marks a dark time. It's not that Scorpio season is deliberately putting you through the wringer. It's more so that Scorpio doesn't tolerate anything shallow or artificial. If you've been burying your true feelings, this time of year tends to unearth your heart like buried treasure. It's beautiful yet intense, which is why November 11, 2019, will be the worst week for these zodiac signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. If your sun or rising happens to fall under part of the trio, you might feel as though there's a weight on your chest — but don't worry too much. It's a burden soon to be lifted.

There's going to be a rise and swell of energy this week, as a full moon in earthy, stubborn, and romantic Taurus will take over the universe on Nov. 12. Showing you all the ways in which you've been avoiding responsibility and denying yourself a solid foundation in life will become apparent, so prepare for a swift revelation and karmic consequences to encircle you. Even though most full moons are overwhelming and intense by nature, take comfort in the fact that this full moon will likely be a very positive and motivating experience. Forming a trine to both disciplined Saturn and transformative Pluto, there's no way you'll be able to avoid the truth. However, the truth is exactly what you need to hear, as it will give you the wherewithal to make decisions that are relevant to your life path. It's time for you to either step up to the plate or get left behind.


Aries: You're Uncovering Your Most Innate And Emotional Needs

You're undergoing a process of purging and the toxic attachments in your life are begging to be released. You know you need to let go and make difficult decisions that serve your highest self, but no one ever said it would be easy. Be brave and you'll never regret it. It's time for you to build the life you desire. If things aren't measuring up to your expectations, or you've been lowering your standards, lay down a foundation for something better. Envision a future full of abundance, stability, and warmth. But know that no matter what, that future exists in the here and now.

Leo: You Might Feel So Sensitive About Every Little Thing

You might feel sensitive to the outside world and deep in your feelings, so surround yourself with people you can truly trust. If you feel like canceling plans and staying cozy indoors, don't fight that instinct. You're in need of some rest and it may be time to catch up on hobbies, or focus on sprucing up your sacred space. All of this introspection and rejuvenation gives you time to think about your goals in the outside world, and how you present your strengths to those who should see it. How can you strike a balance between what's private and what's public?

Sagittarius: You Can't Run From Your Past Any Longer

There may be some difficult memories resurfacing from your past, and even if you've been able to set all of them aside, now's the time to face them. By allowing yourself to be vulnerable to your true feelings, you'll finally be able to heal from what's come and gone. Closure comes from within, so let these stories finally reach a conclusion. You're also learning how to balance your ability to find inner peace with your ability to create peace in your day-to-day life. Dedicate yourself to a routine that encourages productivity, organization, as well as a positive mental state. Each decision carries so much weight.