Noah Centineo & Alexis Ren’s Astrological Compatibility Is Tricky

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After months of speculation, your boyfriend Noah Centineo made his relationship with Alexis Ren public at the UNICEF Masquerade Ball on Oct. 26. Yep, IRL Peter Kavinsky is officially off the market, which would be a hard pill to swallow if he and Ren weren't so freaking cute together. While the romance is still fairly new and private, Noah Centineo and Alexis Ren’s astrological compatibility can give fans a glimpse into their relationship dynamic — at least as far as the stars are concerned.

Centineo was born on May 9, under the sign of Taurus. Ren's birthday is Nov. 23, which makes her a Sagittarius. Right off the bat, this is not always an "easy" pairing, because earth signs like Taurus tend to want to settle down and start building a home with their partner ASAP. Fire signs like Sagittarius typically run into new romances with plenty of passion and excitement, but can often balk when it comes time to define the relationship. They are very focused on their individuality and love having the freedom to do their own thing. Finding the balance between these two attitudes can be tricky, which brings us back to Centineo and Ren. While the six months fans waited for them to make it official may have been frustrating, the time they spent in relative privacy could actually bode well for them down the road. It may have been a sign that they took things slowly and eased into the relationship, which is the best way forward for these two signs. Here's what else we can divine about this couple based on their astrological signs.

They Share A Hot And Passionate Physical Connection.
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Like all zodiac pairings, Taurus and Sagittarius have their issues, but keeping things hot and steamy in the bedroom is not one of them. Taurus is ruled by Venus and may actually be the only earth sign who can truly keep up with a fire sign like Sagittarius when it comes to pure passion. For Taurus, Sagittarius' equally sensual nature combined with a total lack of inhibition is utterly irresistible. And Sagittarius' jovial nature guarantees that things stay light, fun, and frisky in the bedroom. This means that Taurus and Sagittarius can't seem to keep their hands off one another, so prepare for plenty of PDA from these two.

They Have Very Different World Views And Needs.

While passion may not be a problem in the bedroom, these two equally strong-willed signs will have to find a way to accept and embrace their very different world views outside of their established chemistry. Grounded Taurus is more concerned with the material world. Their focus is in looking to the future and creating a comfortable and secure life to share with their partner. On the other hand, Sagittarius is much more interested in the philosophical and theoretical. They live in the present and are focused on experiencing as many new things as possible. And since they have the gift of luck granted to them by their ruling planet, Jupiter, they just aren’t that worried about planning for the future and tend to take each moment as it comes. Sags often feel like they can be free to do as they please without explanation, which for security-loving Taurus, can be very difficult to accept.

Clearly, these needs and world views can create a serious amount of friction when Sag feels pinned in and Taurus desires commitment. Their dynamic can go one of two ways: They can either find their differences too frustrating and separate, or they can work through the initial push-and-pull to find a balance — one that brings out the more freedom-loving side of Taurus and inspires more appreciation for home and security in Sag.

Trust Is Likely To Be Their Greatest Struggle.

Until these signs find a balance, trust may be a stumbling block. Taurus has very clearly defined and traditional ideas about how relationships should work, while Sag has a more freedom-based view. The good news is that Sag feels no need to hide what they are feeling and is very honest about, well, everything. That kind of radical honesty may at first be frightening for Taurus, who is not used to hearing people be so clear about their opposing needs and desires. But once the initial shock wears off, knowing where their partner is coming from at all times can create a foundation to begin building trust over time.

They Can Bridge Their Gaps With Patience And Empathy
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Sag and Taurus are not always an easy pairing. These are two signs who, at first glance, have totally different ideas of what their relationships will look like. For Taurus, a happy relationship is about commitment and closeness, while for Sag, it's about having the freedom to explore with little to no limits. And yet, there is still hope for these signs to go the distance if there is plenty of love and determination in the relationship. It's best for them to take things slowly at first to truly get to know each other's hearts. That way, when issues arise, there is a deeper understanding between them that can help foster the kind of empathy needed to bridge any gaps.

This couple might not have the most compatible zodiac signs, but with communication and patience, they have the potential to really go the distance.

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