Nike's New Sneakers Shine Brighter Than Your Highlighter & Ouch, Pass The Shades

Nike is never short of new sneaker creations to entice me to go shopping. There's always a new release I just have to have, and one of the brand's newest drops is too sweet to resist. Nike's Pre Love O.X. Sneakers are a thing of iridescent beauty.

Everyone has their favorite brand of sneaker. The decision comes partly from comfort, partly from price, but largely from style. To me, Nike is at the top of the game in terms of releasing fun and fashionable styles. The Nike Fanny Pack Slides were a notably quirky design which debuted earlier this summer, there was also Nike's "NIC" Sneaker Pack, the global-inspired collection which was made in tandem with the World Cup.

The sneaker giant's more recent creation is the Pre Love O.X. Sneaker, which was actually first released earlier this year in a black and yellow color option. The sneaker is actually named after American runner Steve Prefontaine, who was nicknamed "Pre." Prefontaine was Nike's first "star runner" to represent the company, and his legacy lives on to this day. Pre's design has been popular enough that Nike has now come out with other color options, and they feature a giant, iridescent Nike swoosh. Need I say more?

Nike Pre Love O.X. Sneaker In Summit White

The Summit White color option of the Pre Love sneaker is actually an off-white color, it features an oversized, prismatic swoosh, and it also has a multicolored sole! The sole is pink at the toe and fades to green and then blue at the heel. The pastel colors of the rubber bottom are similar to the colors given off by the iridescent swoosh.

A closer look at the rainbow sole shows the über-fun pastel colors. Anyone else craving a creamsicle right about now?

Nike Pre Love O.X. Sneaker In Atmosphere Grey

There's also a light grey version of the Pre Love shoe. The option comes with a beautiful pastel blue sole and an seriously lustrous swoosh. The enlarged Nike symbol on this pair also has concentric swoosh stitched within it for an extra holographic effect.

The inflated swoosh symbol also connects at the heel of each shoe for an infinity effect. The name plate at the back reads "NIKE" on the left shoe and "SWOOSH" on the right foot.

All colors of the Pre Love sneakers also feature an inverted tag on the tongue which has the trademark statement for the Nike name and swoosh symbol.

Nike Pre Love O.X. Sneaker In Black & Blue

A previous color option for these sneakers was a black shoe with a blue swoosh and a black-and-white speckled sole. The Nike symbol on this pair also has a galaxy design to it and paired with the spotted sole, the shoe has a definite space vibe to it.

Nike Pre Love O.X. Sneaker In Black & White

Never one to forget a classic, Nike also offers the style in a simple black-and-white design. The size of the swoosh is still magnified and the general style of the sneaker is convincingly retro.