Here's How Nick Viall *Really* Felt When Corinne Took Her Top Off On A Group Date

by Candice Jalili
Taylor Hill/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Any Bachelor Nation fans ready for a #TBT? During an Aug. 31 interview with Entertainment Tonight, Nick Viall shared his reaction to Corinne Olympios' nudity during his 2017 season of The Bachelor. During their first group date, Olympios caught Viall's attention by taking her bikini top off while filming poolside. "It was really uncomfortable, it sucked," he told Entertainment Tonight of the now famous television moment. "I mean, I'm all sex-positive and all that stuff, but... you're in a tough spot, right?"

Viall explained he felt caught between wanting the other women to feel comfortable while also not wanting to shame Olympios in any way. "I was literally 10 feet from the rest of the women, they were watching. And I also recognize that Corinne was taking a risk. Whether I agreed with it or not, I didn't want her to feel stupid or vulnerable or judged," Viall explained. "So, you're really stuck between a rock and a hard place, so to speak. It wasn't my favorite moment."

According to People, Olympios, who received a rose at the end of the episode, was pleased with her decision to go topless. “Dad would be proud,” she said during an interview with a rose in hand, per People. “Even though I was naked.”

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And that wasn't the last rose she received. In fact, Olympios made it to the final four on Viall's season of The Bachelor. "I'm proud, in a weird way, I took someone like Corinne far," Viall told Entertainment Tonight. "I don't think in other seasons some of those women would have gone as far because I think sometimes, especially The Bachelor, feels like you're being judged. You play it safe, so to speak. I've never played it safe and I think that made for a really good season."

In a teaser for Viall's Patreon, Nick V Talks Trash TV: A Bachelor And His Exes Tell All, Olympios seemingly confronted her ex for keeping her on as long as he did just to make for a better season. “OK, so you did keep me around for TV purposes," she said to Viall in the teaser clip. "You didn’t keep me around because you liked me.”

While Viall is currently single, Olympios seems to be dating an architect by the name of Vincent Fratantoni. On Aug. 23, she posted a picture of herself about to go in for a kiss with Frantantoni alongside the caption, "you got me weak in my knees 🏹."

Happy for her!