Nick and Frankie Jonas.

Nick Jonas Had The Best Reaction To Frankie Becoming A TikTok Superstar

Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Nick Jonas has some thoughts about his kid brother going viral on TikTok. The 20-year-old "Bonus Jonas" recently went viral on the video-sharing app after putting out a call for new NYC friends and showing off his keen fashion sense. He currently has over 850,000 followers there, so how are his three superstar brothers reacting to his social media stardom? To be honest, Nick Jonas' reaction to Frankie's Tik Tok fame is perfect.

On Saturday, Nov. 19, Frankie shared a TikTok of himself reacting to screenshots of his fans commenting things like "Omg you're Frankie's brother" on one of Nick's recent Instagram posts.

"Y'all out here in my brother's comments acting reckless," he captioned the video, as he preens and blows a kiss to the camera. Frankie also tagged his brother in the post, adding the hashtag, "#ithinktheygotanewfavorite."

The same day, Nick responded by dueting his little bro's TikTok. Jokingly calling their other brothers in his own video, Nick said, "Yeah, Joe, Kevin? Forget what I said about letting Frankie in the band." Frankie hit back by commenting he doesn't need the band now that he's got TikTok.

All jokes aside, it's pretty wild to see the Jonas Brothers' little brother become famous in his own right after so many years. Longtime fans undoubtedly remember Frankie making appearances on his older brothers' Disney Channel projects Jonas and Camp Rock 2; The Final Jam, or hitting the road with them on tour as a kid. He even previously made a name for himself by voicing one of the main characters in Studio Ghibli's 2009 movie Ponyo.

But it's TikTok that's truly allowed Frankie to shine thanks to his off-key, distinctly Gen Z brand of humor. His page really took off thanks to his search for friends in the Big Apple. On Dec. 15, he asked his New York followers to "stop scrolling" before giving some important stats about himself: he's attending Columbia for the spring 2021 semester, he arrived in Manhattan right before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and he's a Libra.

"Please be my friend. Serious inquiries only," he added while pitching himself to potential new pals.

He's continued to share hilariously unfiltered content since, from recreating scenes from his brother's 2012 reality show Married to Jonas to posting about hentai. Let's just hope that Frankie doesn't get suspended for violating TikTok's community guidelines again. Who needs a boy band when you're a viral sensation!?