Frankie Jonas, AKA Bonus Jonas, Wants To Be Your BFF On TikTok

Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Many Gen-Z and millennial young adults probably remember The Jonas Brothers' kid brother Frankie, who followed the band on tour and made occasional appearances on their Disney Channel show. He's all grown up now, has the attention all on him, and he's earnestly looking for new friends in the NYC area. Frankie Jonas' TikToks searching for new friends have gone viral on the platform, and fans are shooting their shot in the comments. The "Bonus Jonas" is definitely back in the spotlight, and he's giving his siblings a run for their money with his rising follower count.

Jonas' TikTok account is full of videos showing off his ultra-cool style; he wears some of the freshest brands and owns some pretty cool art. He posted a different kind of TikTok on Dec. 15, however, and it's got his followers clamoring for his attention in the comments.

He started out by telling his NYC-based followers to "stop scrolling" before pitching them his friendship. He gave some key stats, like the fact he's a Libra, he moved to Manhattan right before COVID-19 hit the city, and that he's enrolled at Columbia for the spring 2021 semester. The 20-year-old only gave one requirement for potential friends: "serious inquiries only."

While Jonas didn't give many details about his interests outside of looking like the most fashionable influencer on TikTok, he did give one tidbit of information. "I like to do sh*t and have friends," he wrote over a selfie in his slideshow. Many commenters shared this interest, and several influential creators reached out to him. Makeup TikToker Salinakilla, who has 1.8 million followers on the platform, extended her application for the position of the Bonus Jonas' new friend, and he happily accepted her offer.

It's not baffling to see the video has already amassed nearly 500k views just several hours after Jonas posted it, since he was a famous fixture of his brothers' band back in the late 2000s. He already grossed 9.1 million views on his videos in total since he joined the platform on Oct. 15. Here's to hoping he's actually able to make some legitimate friends from the platform, since nobody should have to go through quarantine friendless in NYC.