Get Excited 'Set It Up' Fans, Zoey Deutch & Glen Powell Are Teaming Up Again

KC Baily/Netflix

Netflix kicked up its rom-com game last summer when Set It Up debuted, telling the story of two overworked assistants who strive to get their bosses together and fall for each other in the process. Stars Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell won over fans with their chemistry as schemers Harper and Charlie, igniting public demand for a Set It Up sequel. We'll have to wait and see if that follow-up film ever happens, but for now, we can look forward to seeing these stars in a rom-com once again. Netflix's Most Dangerous Game will star Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell, and I'm ready for all the romantic feels.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Deutch and Powell will reunite with their Set It Up producer and writer Katie Silberman for the upcoming Most Dangerous Game. The co-stars are also serving as executive producers of the film, but it definitely isn't a sequel. In a statement, producer Justin Nappi said, "While it was clear that audiences were clamoring for a sequel, we are excited by the thought of creating a new, distinct film that explores different romantic comedy tropes while still being anchored in everything that we loved about the first movie."

However, details about Most Dangerous Game are scarce, so we don't exactly know what to expect from the movie. A general plot has yet to be announced, so we're left to guess about specifics for now. Scheduled to begin production next year, the movie seems slated to have a much different vibe than Set It Up. The title's use of "dangerous" usually correlates with a crime or thriller story, but given the project's rom-com description, we can hopefully anticipate something light and fluffy. Who else is planning a marathon of this and the To All the Boys I've Loved Before sequel?

KC Baily/Netflix

Both Deutch and Powell posted about their reunion on Instagram, but they're also staying tight-lipped about the story details. Producer Juliet Berman said, "It will be exciting to see Glen and Zoey do something completely different. We all talked about what we could do again and [Most Dangerous Game] was something that [Silberman] brought to us that was creatively exciting as a next project and we jumped on it."

Don't completely count out the chances of a Set It Up sequel, though. Although the stars discussed the possibility in the immediate aftermath of the film's June 2018 release, Deutch addressed it as recently as this May. While promoting her film Buffaloed, she told Entertainment Weekly that when it came to Set It Up 2, all she would say was, "Dot, dot, dot. Ellipses. Dot, dot, dot." Huh?

Her cryptic answer was probably related to the then-unannounced Most Dangerous Game, but never say never. Set It Up director Claire Scanlon once revealed that she has a sequel idea focused on the demanding bosses Rick (Taye Diggs) and Kirsten (Lucy Liu), but that just wouldn't be right without cameos from Harper and Charlie, right?

Until we get a deeper scoop about Most Dangerous Game, I'll be busy re-watching Set It Up. Time to order pizza and find a fire escape!