'Sex Education' has been renewed for Season 3 by Netflix.

Let's Talk About 'Sex Education' Season 3, Because It's Officially Happening


Another semester of Sex Education will officially be starting on Netflix in the future, which means fans will thankfully get some resolution to all of those cliffhangers from the Season 2 finale. Otis, Maeve, Eric, Adam, and all of the rest of the lovestruck teens of Moordale Secondary School will continue their foray into romance and sexuality with a new season, although not much is known about what is to come. In light of Netflix renewing Sex Education for Season 3, let's break down what fans can likely expect from the upcoming season... and all of the big questions that it needs to answer.

The renewal news came less than a month after Season 2 of Sex Education dropped on Netflix on Jan. 17. The streaming service announced that Season 3 had been ordered on Feb. 10, although a release date and episode count for the upcoming season was not revealed. It is very likely Season 3 will mirror the previous two seasons and consist of eight episodes. And given that Seasons 1 and 2 both premiered at nearly the same time in mid-January, fans can probably expect Season 3 to follow suit and drop sometime in January 2021.

But the real question is what is going to happen next in the increasingly complicated love lives of all fans' fave Moordale students. The Season 2 finale left fans hanging with quite a few questions about the future, so let's dive into what to expect from each character when Season 3 finally arrives. Spoiler alert: Don't read on if you have not finished Sex Education Season 2.

The biggest cliffhanger of all, just like when Season 1 ended, involved a complication Otis and Maeve's potential love story. In the Season 1 finale, Maeve was ready to confess her feelings to Otis, only to find him starting up a relationship with Ola. This time around, it was Otis pouring his heart out to Maeve after finally working up the courage to tell her he loves her on a voicemail... except Maeve's new potential love interest Isaac listened to the message first and deleted it before Maeve could hear it. Of course, Season 3 will have to address that deleted voicemail somehow, and it looks like the love triangle between Maeve, Otis, and Isaac will be a pretty big deal.

The love lives of Eric and Ola are decidedly less complicated following the Season 2 finale, though. Ola realized her feelings for Lily, and after some soul-searching, Lily fell for Ola as well. Likewise, Eric spent the bulk of Season 2 torn between his taciturn and attentive boyfriend Rahim and the impulsive, shame-filled Adam. In the end, Adam worked up the nerve to publicly profess his feelings for Eric, which is what Eric had been waiting for, and the two end up together. But who knows how the heartbroken Rahim may move on after this abrupt breakup in Season 3?

Finally, Otis' mother Jean struggled in her relationship with Jakob and ended things, only to later learn she is actually pregnant. Also currently single but probably not for long is Jackson, who explored his passion for theatre in Season 2, rather than solely focusing on swimming. He also developed a strong friendship with Moordale's resident brainiac Viv, and although nothing romantic has happened yet, it sure seems like things could heat up between them in Season 3.

Fans will have to hold on tight to see what happens next season, because it is likely still a pretty long wait until it drops.