TikTok Can't Get Over Natalie Biden's Fire Inauguration Outfit & Neither Can I

Mark Makela/Getty Images News/Getty Images

There were a lot of standout fashion moments during Joe Biden's inauguration on Jan. 20. Amanda Gorman stunned in her bright yellow coat, Jill Biden shone in an ocean-blue coat, but there's one new first family member the internet can't get enough of. TikTok and Twitter are absolutely obsessed with Natalie Biden's light pink outfit from the Inauguration. While all of Joe Biden's seven grandchildren stunned in their sharp, weather-appropriate looks, Natalie already has a full fan club calling her the new administration's style icon.

The 16-year-old first granddaughter popped out in the surrounding sea of neutrals with her baby pink Lafayette 148 New York coat, although, sadly, this coat is custom-made, so you can't get an identical one. She kept the look almost entirely monochromatic, with matching gloves, a simple dress, mask, and scarf. For footwear, Natalie went with slouchy, knee-high, tan boots. Each piece works so well in tandem with the others that I'm tickled pink just looking at her outfit.

Monochromatic was the reigning theme of Biden's inauguration. It seemed like nearly everyone picked a color and stuck with it. Kamala Harris wore a full royal purple look that was drenched in meaning; Michelle Obama was beyond glamorous in her plum pant look; and, of course, Natalie whipped the internet into a frenzy. Suffice it to say, monochrome will be pretty popular The color matching can be as strict as Obama's, or you can use few different shades like Natalie to create a little dimension.

Mark Makela/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Naturally, seemingly everyone on the internet ate up Natalie's outfit. "Natalie Biden's pink coat and knee high boots inauguration outfit will live free in my head forever," one Twitter user said. "After four bleak years, this pretty pink ensemble with cool boots was an added breath of fresh air," another posted. And, there have been countless Natalie fancams on my TikTok For You Page, all praising her look since she stepped out:

Let's hope everyone in the new administration keeps the change — and lewks — coming.