Natalia Dyer Reveals Her Best Beauty Hack & It's Genius For People With Fine Hair — EXCLUSIVE

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I think it's safe to say the cast of Stranger Things aren't strangers to turning any and everything they touch upside down. (Thank you. I, too, didn't think I could pack that many Stranger Things references in one sentence, either.) But the cast member truly taking the beauty game to the next level recently? Nancy Wheeler, played by Natalia Dyer. Lucky for all of us, Natalia Dyer revealed her best beauty hack, a breakdown of her 2018 Emmy Awards look, Stranger Things secrets, and more to Elite Daily, so we, too, can be ready to take our own beauty game from a 10 to an Eleven.

As she's constantly on set, surrounded by some of the most talented makeup and hair professionals, it makes sense Dyer has racked up some of the best beauty hacks in the business. She's learning from the best, after all! One beauty hack specifically, Dyer tells Elite Daily, will come in clutch if you have finer hair and you're looking to pump up the volume a bit.

"If you have fine hair like me, you might consider getting a perm!" she says. "It really helps give the hair some body. Just be prepared to not leave your house for the first week." Of course, just be sure to consult a professional hairstylist to make sure this is the right choice for your hair's health.

While Dyer may be learning the best tricks in the biz, that doesn't mean she hasn't made some fashion choices in the past that she looks back on and thinks, "OMG, why TF did I do that?" (Stars — they're just like us!) In fact, Dyer says there are "so many" silly choices she's made in the past, though one trend you'll likely remember from your own middle school experience sticks out in her mind.

"I was a very adventurous dresser as a kid," she says. "I think arm socks might have been the silliest thing."

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Luckily, Dyer has come a significantly long way from rocking arm socks. Fittingly gracing this year's Emmy Awards ~gold carpet~ in a stunning gold Dolce & Gabbana gown with intricate beading from top to bottom, metallic gold heels, and a gold rhinestone clutch, she was nothing short of a walking Emmy Award herself.

I'm sure your eyes are darting all over each and every detail of Dyer's long, golden gown, but lest we forget one hidden detail in her look she doesn't want to go unnoticed: "the ridiculously high heels going on underneath." Seriously, I think I fractured my ankle just looking at that thing:

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When it came to Dyer's makeup for the night, her look was soft and sweet, with makeup artist Vincent Oquendo opting for a simple, nude eye and a soft pink lip. "A sweet, soft lip was a focal point with naturally dewy skin," he says via a press release. "The eyes were accentuated with pink, bronze and taupe hues. To add definition, I used a purple eye liner to rim her water line.”

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There's one major part of Dyer's look we need to talk about, however, and that is her manicure. In an all-gold, gilded look almost from head to toe, Dyer's nails broke up the pattern without throwing the overall sparkle theme out the window. "I wanted to do something that complemented the dress but added something subtly cool and modern," says Dyer.

To achieve this, celebrity manicurist Steph Stone used a brand new polish from Essie's new unreleased collection, Concrete Glitters, in the shade "venture to the venue," a soft, vanilla-white hue. Hitting the beauty scene in October 2018 and retailing for $9 a pop over at, the collection features six glittering shades that dry with a matte, texturized finish, while still showcasing tons of sparkle because of the glitter infused in the polish.

"We skipped a top coat and let the unique matte texture of the manicure shine on its own," Stone says via a press release. "The final look proved there’s no such thing as too much glitz!” Not to be dramatic, but this polish shines brighter than my future.

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As classic as Dyer's overall look is, the overall vibe I think we all get from this look can be summed up in one word — glitter. From her glittering dress to her nails shining brighter than ever to her sky-high shoes reflecting the light like no other, I'd venture to say Dyer is singlehandedly solidifying glitter as a ~cool thing~, and I don't even care if that's an exaggeration.

But even as cool of a trend as glitter is, it can seem a little scary? Is there a limit for too much glitter? Well, Dyer herself "[doesn't] think there are any hard and fast rules about glitter." Phew, cue me rolling my whole body around in glitter and calling it a day.

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Now, if you take one scroll through Dyer's Instagram and peep any of her outfits at awards shows and premieres, you'll agree with me when I say her style seems effortlessly cool. Believe it or not, though, Dyer's personal style when she's not on the red carpet is a lot more laid-back — and different from her Stranger Things character Nancy's.

"My day-to-day style is very casual – jeans, sneakers and t-shirts. I’ll pull my hair up because I don’t like it in my face. I like to be comfortable," she shares. "Nancy is much more put together in a way. There’s a lot more color coordination and dresses, and this year. there’s a lot of emphasis on big '80s hair."


Now, while we'll all reportedly have to wait until 2019 for the premiere of Stranger Things Season 3, Dyer gives us a welcome glimpse into her experience filming the new season, particularly when it comes to the fear factor of certain episodes. She admits that even though an episode may scare the living hell out of you when you're watching it, she and her castmates often "struggle to not crack up when we’re filming with each other."

However, Dyer says even the cast were in for some spooky treats during Season 3 filming. "There are some scenes in the later episodes that were freaky when all of the elements came together on set. The art and effects on the show can really make you lose yourself in the environment in the best way."

As you try to hold yourself together patiently ahead of Stranger Things Season 3, fret not. Dyer assures the new episodes will be chock-full of "new characters, bigger hair, and more scares." Hopefully, we'll see Nancy rock a glitter mani at some point, too.