Nancy Pelosi Responded To Trump Saying She's "Lost Control" By Making This Offer

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With the partial federal government shutdown soon set to reach the 30-day mark — and with no compromise in sight — things are getting heated on both sides of the political aisle. President Donald Trump, who implemented what is now the country's longest partial government shutdown ever after he failed to secure funding for a $5.7 billion border wall, took to Twitter on Sunday, Jan. 20, to air his frustration with a storm of tweets attacking the House Speaker. Now, she's hitting back, and Nancy Pelosi's response to Donald Trump saying she's "lost control" outlines what would have to happen for the two parties to come to an agreement. Elite Daily reached out to the both the White House and Pelosi's representation for comment on the tweets, but did not hear back by the publication.

One day earlier, the president failed to come to an agreement with Congress after he offered a three-year protection from deportation for Dreamers, who were brought over to the United States illegally as children, in exchange for his much-desired $5.7 billion wall at the United States' southern border. However, Democrats stuck to their guns, citing the fact that the protections on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program were only temporary as well as the exorbitant cost of the proposed wall, according to the New York Times.

In short, neither side refused to budge, and negotiations have once again come to a standstill. It's a frustrating situation, and after President Trump took to Twitter on Sunday with a tirade of tweets which claimed that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had "lost control" of the Democratic Party while warning her to "be careful," Pelosi headed to the social media platform where she got straight to the point about bringing the government shutdown to the end.

She wrote:

".@realDonaldTrump, 800,000 Americans are going without pay. Re-open the government, let workers get their paychecks and then we can discuss how we can come together to protect the border. #EndTheShutdown."

Elite Daily reached out to the White House for comment on Pelosi's response, and the current status of shutdown negotiations, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

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Pelosi's response, in which she offered to "discuss" border security with the president if he would re-open the government, comes just hours after a slew of tweets where Trump slammed the Democratic party and Pelosi. After telling his followers that Democrats had refused to agree to the compromise, Trump hit back at conservatives who claimed he was trying to grant amnesty to illegal residents.

"No, Amnesty is not a part of my offer," he tweeted. "It is a [three] year extension of DACA. Amnesty will be used only on a much bigger deal, whether on immigration or something else. Likewise there will be no big push to remove the 11,000,000 plus people who are here illegally-but be careful Nancy!"

Elite Daily reached out to the White House for further comment and clarification on the meaning behind President Trump's tweet to "be careful," but did not hear back by the time of publication.

After the warning, the president then came for the Democratic stalwart by claiming that she has "lost control" of the party.

He wrote:

"Nancy Pelosi has behaved so irrationally & has gone so far to the left that she has now officially become a Radical Democrat. She is so petrified of the “lefties” in her party that she has lost control...And by the way, clean up the streets in San Francisco, they are disgusting!"

Elite Daily reached out to Pelosi's team for comment on Trump's tweets, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

Of course, Pelosi did respond with that tweet of her own on Sunday, urging the president to end the shutdown so federal workers can finally get paid, and then Congress and President Trump "can discuss how we can come together to protect the border."

Currently, hundreds of thousands of government workers are furloughed, which has impacted everything from national park services to security personnel at airports to law enforcement. Despite the fact that the long-term repercussions of an extended shutdown could be pretty serious, President Trump said on Jan. 4 that the conflict could potentially stretch on for years.

Unfortunately, it looks like the end of the partial government isn't happening anytime soon. Judging from the commentary coming from both sides of the political spectrum, the possibility of a compromise in the near future sounds pretty uncertain at the moment.