MTV and VH1's digital coloring pages will make you want to fist bump.

Gym, Tan, Color: The Best Scenes From MTV & VH1 Shows Are Now In A Digital Coloring Book

Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Reality TV fans can now relive the most dramatic moments from their favorite shows in a whole new light, thanks to a new collaboration from MTV and VH1. The sister channels have teamed up to transform iconic scenes from shows like Jersey Shore and The Hills into an online coloring book — because, let's be real, there's nothing like LC's infamous black tear or Vinny and Pauly D's bromance to bring out your artistic side. Here's how to access MTV and VH1's digital coloring pages to add some self care to your next reality TV marathon.

On Wednesday, May 6, MTV and VH1 released the #AloneTogether Coloring Book, which includes digital renderings of scenes from current hit shows like Floribama Shore, Catfish, Siesta Key, and RuPaul’s Drag Race, as well as ‘00s favorites like The Hills and Jersey Shore. Whether you want to throw it back to Audrina Patridge and Lauren Conrad's teary argument or pay homage to Nilsa's "Chi Chis Up" M.O., you can access all 21 of the fun options in one place by selecting "All Pages" on the homepage of the website and then scrolling through the different drawings.

When you've picked the scene you want to fill out and are ready to start coloring, you have two options depending on your preferred artistic medium. The easiest option is to keep it digital (which you can do on a mobile device or a laptop) and fill out the scene with the digital color palette located at the bottom of the page.


To start drawing, you can click anywhere in this color palette to create a custom hue and then tap the area of the picture you want to "color." Double-click to zoom in or zoom out of the image and tap the undo button if you want to go back a step. Once you're finished, you can easily save it to your device to share on social media.

While completing the drawing online does have some perks (you don't have to print anything out and you can access colors you might not have IRL), keep in mind that it'll be a slightly different experience than for a regular coloring book. For example, you won't be doing the coloring motion. Instead, large sections of the drawing will automatically fill with color when you tap on them.


However, reality TV fans who want more of a traditional coloring book experience can experience the best of both worlds by printing out the images and then filling them out the old fashioned way.

There are quite a few iconic scenes to choose from, including an "I just bromitted" homage to Pauly D and Vinny's friendship on Jersey Shore and a hilarious version of the infamous note about "the first night at Bed," as well as Spencer Pratt's Hollywood mural, so take a look at the different moments and get to coloring.