Mrs. Fields Is Selling Swoon-Worthy Cookie Cakes For Valentine's Day This Year

Courtesy of Mrs. Fields

Let's be real: Whether you're on the verge of being hitched or living the single life (holla), Valentine's Day is an excuse to indulge in chocolate-covered treats and heart-shaped everything. Based off of my own research and grocery store trips, a lot of the Valentine's Day treats on the market feature different types of candies. However, Mrs. Fields is changing the game with its very own romantic offerings. That's right: Mrs. Field's heart-shaped Valentine's Day Cookie Cakes are here, and they're perfect for anyone trying to indulge in dessert during the upcoming holiday.

As you may or may not know, Mrs. Fields is a company that's famous for its collection of delectable cookies. Whether you're hoping for a freshly-baked chocolate chip or a Gourmet Gift Basket, Mrs. Fields has your back. Another thing that the company is known for is its Gourmet Cookie Cakes, which are essentially huge cookies topped with celebratory messages and lined with icing (FYI, I think they're delicious). Thankfully, Mrs. Fields expanded on its Gourmet Cookie Cake collection and is now offering romantic versions of the desserts. Instead of standard sayings like "Happy Birthday" or "Happy Anniversary," the Valentine's Day Cookie Cake collection offers sweet messages that'll make you swoon.

Courtesy of Mrs. Fields

To be exact, there are four Valentine's Day cakes you can choose from on Mrs. Fields' website that have pre-written messages on them. One of those cakes (as seen above) is the "Have a Heart" nine-inch cake ($24.99), which has "XOXO" written in the center with red and white icing. Another option is the "I Love You" nine-inch cake ($24.99), which features a pink and white trim. The third option is Mrs. Fields' Valentine's Round Cookie Cake ($39.99), which says "Happy Valentine's Day" in the center. The last pre-written option is the "Be Mine Valentine" Cookie Cake ($39.99), which boasts an adorable heart design.

Courtesy of Mrs. Fields

That's not it, though. If you want to write your own saying on your Valentine's Day Cookie Cake, Mrs. Fields has you covered. The company currently offers an option that lets customers customize their cakes, which means cookie lovers can choose which saying is written on their dessert. Plus, they'll be able to choose the icing color — so if your bae has a favorite shade, you can have the cake decorated in their go-to hue. If you're into that idea, you can create your own cake for $39.99 on Mrs. Fields' website.

Mrs. Fields

If you've purchased a Valentine's Day Cookie Cake from Mrs. Fields and want even more holiday treats, visit the company's online store. It's currently offering an entire Valentine's Day collection, and the treats being featured are too cute for words. For instance, you can buy a personalized cookie tin with a photo and saying of your choice featured on the container. If you're not craving cookies, you can also opt for Valentine's Day-themed chocolate covered strawberries. I'll take both, please.

Whether you're hoping to treat your bae (or yourself) to a Valentine's Day sweet, Mrs. Fields has options for you. Order your favorite treat, grab a glass of milk, and start snacking.