The Grossest Commercial About "Milk Chunks" Just Aired At The Super Bowl

At this point, it's about halfway through the 2019 Super Bowl, and between you and me, I am really just focusing on the commercials #SorryNotSorry. Some of them are absolutely hilarious while others are total tear jerkers. But then, a few of them are just plain nasty. Mint Mobile's 2019 Super Bowl commercial, for example, is grossing people out over "milk chunks," and I don't know about you, but I was literally covering my eyes for the majority of it.

Wireless phone brand Mint Mobile came in really, really hot with one of the nastiest ads out there. It starts out with a man ogling over the idea of a $20 phone plan, and he says, "that's not right." The brand's mascot, however, contradicts him. He offers an alternative, saying what really isn't right is chunky milk. Um... what?

The ad proceeds to cut to a mom talking about why she buys milk with chunks, and she pours it into a glass. Then, it shows her kids simultaneously eating and drinking the disgusting concoction. That's right — the commercial is all about chunky milk. TBH it was so revolting, but at the same time, it was straight-up hilarious. So, if you haven't already seen the advertisement in its entirety, make sure to check it out below. But beware: you may want a barf bag.

Yeah, so that was really gross. I am so sorry I made all of you watch that.

Anyway, Twitter had a really similar reaction to mine. Everyone was absolutely horrified by the concept of chunky milk. They couldn't bear to hear the mother raving about it, they were positively horrified to watch it pour out of the carton, and the worst part was when the girl was actually consuming it. Bottom line: the entire Twitterverse is extremely upset about every aspect of it, so while you're unable to sleep tonight, just know that you aren't alone, fam.

... Yeah I wouldn't say the ad was very well-received by viewers.

Another ad that really managed to freak out Super Bowl audiences was the TurboTax RoboChild ad. Basically, it stars a child-like robot who wakes up his creator, speaking in a creepy monotone child's voice. He says he's hungry, demanding a kale and chicken salad with guac even though he "doesn't eat." RoboChild utters maniacally: "I know guac is extra #LivingMyBestLife." (EEK!). His creator says the world isn't ready for him yet, and I think he's right. Twitter was absolutely horrified, and it goes without saying he's definitely going to be haunting my dreams later tonight.

Well y'all, I could go my whole life without thinking about chunky milk ever again. Watching those poor unfortunate children eat and drink that horrifying (probably spoiled) milk really managed to ruin my appetite, and it looks like Twitter feels the exact same way as I do. Either way, though, Mint Mobile really caught my attention from all of that. And in the end, I guess that's all that really matters.