Ming-Na Wen had a cameo in Disney+’s Mulan.

The Original Mulan Has A Cameo In The Live-Action Remake, But You Might Have Missed It

Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic/Getty Images

The excitement about Disney's new live-action Mulan is real. The flick was released on the Disney+ streaming service on Sept. 4, and fans of the OG film from 1998 were living. But in addition to lots of new updates, there's one part of the film that pays tribute to the original. Ming-Na Wen’s cameo in Disney+’s Mulan is so nostalgic, and was a true moment of joy for everyone who grew up watching the animated classic.

Wen voiced the character of Mulan in the original movie, so when Disney brought new life to the film in 2020, they gave her a call. That being said, the cameo is pretty quick, so you'll have to pay attention to catch it.

Wen's appearance takes place at the end of the film, when Hua Mulan (played by Liu Yifei) walks down the aisle with a guest on her arm. Fans quickly noticed the guest was none other than Ming-Na Wen. While the world was already familiar with Wen's voice, they were thrilled to see her face in the remake of the film. The movie even took an extra step to honor Wen's legacy by introducing her character as an honored guest upon her arrival.


After the film debuted, Twitter lit up with excited reactions from diehard Disney fans.

"Legit teared up when Ming-Na Wen appeared on screen. She voiced Mulan in the 1998 animated version," one fan tweeted.

"Ming-Na Wen in Mulan is the cameo the 90’s kids deserved," another fan wrote.

"I can’t stop thinking about ming-na wen’s cameo in Mulan," a third fan tweeted. "I’ve watched it so many times already and keep tearing up every time. I just love it so much."

Fans of the OG film will also be happy to see Christina Aguilera make a return on the soundtrack for the live-action movie. Aguilera recorded a new version of her 1998 ballad "Reflection," and it was equally as beautiful as the original. You can hear Aguilera's 2020 version of "Reflection" below.

They say you can't remake a classic, but by bringing lots of '90s inspiration to the 2020 version of Mulan, Disney may have just successfully done so.