Milk Makeup Dropped New Astrology Tattoo Stamps & They're Total Stars

Milk Makeup

If you've been looking for the perfect stocking stuffer to gift to a few of your friends that's both unique but won't break the bank, look no further than Milk Makeup's Astrology Tattoo Stamps. They join the lineup of cute and convenient face stamps that have become a cult-favorite Milk product except unlike the others, they boast a slightly more personal touch. "Now available in all twelve zodiac signs, these water-resistant, transfer-proof, temporary tattoo stamps will help you survive Mercury retrograde," said Milk in a press release.

While I've never been one to follow when Mercury is or is not in retrograde (it feels like it is 90 percent of the time so why even bother, I ask?), Mercury goes into retrograde next on November 16 and will stay that way until December 6, just FYI. Supposedly this causes communication, travel, shipping, and contractual issues, so if you want to order these astrology tattoo stamps I'm about to tell you about you might want to do it in the next week or two.

The best thing about the stamps (aside from them pretty much being the only product of their kind) is how easy and portable they are. Their packaging looks like eyeliner or a slim pen and the design of each stamp is printed on the top of its cap so you know exactly which one you're grabbing if your makeup bag is holding a few of them. (It definitely should.) To use the stamp you simply pop off the cap, hold the product like a pen, and lightly press the tip of the stamp wherever you want it to appear on your face, body, wherever. I own Milk Makeup's smiley face and heart stamps and love putting them along my cheekbones, on my fingers, and down my clavicle for music festivals. (If you want to make festi-friends they're a hit!)

Milk Makeup

If you're worried about the tattoo turning into smeared and splotchy and decidedly uncool mess, fear not. The stamps are transfer-proof and long-lasting meaning even if you wear them all New Year's Eve long they'll still look fresh and clean far beyond midnight. When you're ready to remove the tattoos, all you need is an oil-based remover and they'll wipe off without a trace. The stamps are also infused with vitamin E and sunflower oil and therefore they won't dry out your skin so yeah, Milk really thought of everything.

Milk Makeup

Whether or not your friends are super into astrology or reading their horoscopes, they're bound to dig getting a tattoo stamp that personally represents them. There's no better conversation starter than wearing your sign on your sleeve (or skin), at least not Brooklyn, so at the very least you're helping them meet some new people.

The stamps are currently available at both and and retail for $12 each. I'm still using the stamps I bought two years ago so I can personally attest to their long lifespan. Go ahead and grab one for each of your besties—they're total stars.