Miley Cyrus' Reaction To A Writer Critiquing Her Album Has Twitter Split

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Miley Cyrus is causing quite a stir on social media right now and it’s not for the reason you’d expect. Yes, she just released new music. And yes, she’s riding pretty high because of it. And yes, the current controversy has something to do with it. So, what’s going on right now? Well, the usually humble Cyrus got a little defensive about a bad review of her album and decided to tweet about it, much to fans’ surprise. Miley Cyrus’ tweet calling out a music writer has Twitter divided and no one really knows what the best approach is or would be in a situation like this.

In a review from Highsnobiety, a music critic named Sydney Gore examined Cyrus’ new music through the lens of her politics and social stances, as well as her previous musical efforts. The conclusion the critic came to in their review was that Cyrus’ She Is Coming is a “directionless hot mess,” which didn’t seem to sit well with Cyrus. Another thing that didn’t thrill Cyrus was that the writer misspelled her mother’s name.

“Lol. I finally found a sh*tty review of SHE IS COMING,” Cyrus tweeted, before adding, “Ps my moms name is Tish. #DoYourResearch #AfterYouSuckMyNut”

And in a second tweet, she called the writer “out of touch” after thanking them for including a streaming link in their article.

“(Ps thanks for putting buy/stream link at the end of your shitty article / although I’m pretty sure everyone has bought and streamed but I’m sure it was helpful for those who are as out of touch as you are),” Cyrus wrote.

Yikes. Lots of fans took issue with Cyrus’ tweet, mainly because she’s a major artist with major clout publicly calling out a writer with far less power than her. And that, means that the writer is bearing the brunt of negative attention and criticism, which is actually happening. Here are some examples:

On the flip side of things, though, some fans are asking Cyrus to take the criticism in stride.

And even more folks on Twitter are suggesting that Cyrus’ response to the critical review was out of line, especially since she’s an artist and most, if not all, artists must open themselves up to criticism at some point.

While the fans may be totally split on Cyrus’ response, Highsnobiety is not. In a statement to USA TODAY, the publication stated that they stand behind their writer’s article 100% — typo and all.

"On behalf of the editorial team, we support Sydney Gore's review of Miley Cyrus' 'She is Coming' and regret the misprint of her mother's name, which we have corrected in the article," the statement read.

So, basically, the publication is standing behind their writer even in spite of Cyrus’ very public call-out. And that’s truly an admirable stance to take, especially since Cyrus is such a powerhouse in the music industry. With any luck, Gore won’t receive too much backlash because of Cyrus’ tweet and hopefully Cyrus’ fans can back off and let music writers do their jobs.