Miley Cyrus' New Hannah Montana-Inspired Haircut Is Truly The Best Of Both Worlds

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The latest celebrity hair change-up just might be the buzziest of the year thus far thanks to the fact that it's brought one of Disney Channel's most beloved personalities back from wherever the stars of canceled shows go. Miley Cyrus' new bangs and accompanying long blonde locks make her look exactly like her Hannah Montana character from years passed and will certainly be nostalgia-inducing for anyone who watched the show when they were younger. While I wish that the makeover signified that a reboot was in the works, it really just proves that some hair styles will forever be timeless. Hannah Montana ran between 2006 and 2011 and Cyrus' character rocked the exact same style the whole time so yeah, it appears bangs will always be in.

On the show, Cyrus' character wore a long blonde wig over her naturally wavy brown hair when she was performing as her pop star alter ego. She wanted to keep her true identity a secret and a wig was evidently enough to throw the entire world off. Imagine! The fandoms of today would have sniffed her out in a second. Styled with blunt bangs and long blonde strands, it basically looks like the prototype for Cyrus' new cut, which was carried out by celebrity stylist, Sally Hershberger. In a post on Instagram, the creative brains behind the crop revealed Cyrus' new hair, captioning the picture, "JUST BANGED MILEY 😜✂️💥."

The new cut boasts slightly shaggier fringe than the bangs Hannah Montana rocked on the show but otherwise looks pretty spot-on. It appears that Hershberger might have added in some extensions to Cyrus' hair based on its length in the photo, making it look even more like that of the singer's former alter ego.

In another post, Hershberger revealed exactly which products she used to achieve the perfectly mussed look, listing her Sally Hershberger 24K Supreme Body Volumizing Mousse ($32, and Sally Hershberger 24K Vanity Hair Shaping Balm ($32,

With any truly epic hairstyling session also comes a gorgeous new dye job, which colorist Justin Anderson was happy to carry out. "PROUD #stageparents tonight at the #dphuehouse@mileycyrus@sallyhershberger 🔥✂️🌈," he captioned a post on Instagram featuring Cyrus post-cut and dye. Based on Cyrus' recent Instagram posts it appears Anderson simply touched up her blonde a bit—the resulting dynamic hue is pure perfection.

Cyrus is no stranger to changing up her hairstyle but this is the first time I can recall her ever going for bangs. Most recently she was rocking a long, barely-layered style, often choosing to wear it down and showing off her natural waves.

What do you think? Should Cyrus stick with her new bangs or leave them in the past along with her Hannah Montana character? The singer rocks pretty much every hairstyle on earth with ease so I say the more changes, the better. She has yet to post photos of her new hairstyle on her own Instagram account‚ I'll be eagerly awaiting to see how she feels about her new look.