Miley Cyrus' Nostalgic IG Spree For 'Hannah Montana's 13th Anniversary Will Give You Feels

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Miley Cyrus is giving us the best of both worlds. The newly married singer was getting nostalgic on her Instagram on March 24, posting a bunch of throwback photos from her Disney Channel days. Miley Cyrus' Instagrams for the 13th anniversary of Hannah Montana are about to have you saying "sweet niblets" over all of the early 2000s feels.

Can you believe it's already been 13 years since the first season of Hannah Montana premiered?! It's almost as unbelievable as the fact that the show only had four seasons. The Disney Channel classic premiered on March 24, 2006, and took its final bow on March 30, 2011, so in celebration of the show that put her on the map, Cyrus did what any millennial would have done: make some memes about it.

Yup, Cyrus plucked Hannah out of 2006 and dropped her in 2019 with some hilarious photos and captions posted to her Instagram story. Some of them are definitely NSFW, but she's just being Miley.

"It’s the 13th anniversary of the first HM episode to air," Cyrus tweeted in the lead-up to her Instagram spree along, with an epic throwback photo of herself arriving at the airport in Nashville to fly out to LAX (with a dream and a cardigan) to start filming Hannah Montana.

Are you ready to feel all the Disney Channel feels?! The answer is no. And you're especially not ready for some of these captions.

The first photo showed Hannah Montana herself checking something out from under her sunglasses.

Miley Cyrus on Instagram

"Hannah watching the 2013 VMAs. Happy 13th @hannahmontana," her caption said. In case you forgot, the 2013 VMAs was when Cyrus twerked on Robin Thicke. That happened.

Then she posted a promotional shot of Hannah with her finger over her mouth (gotta keep the secret!!) and said, "After Hannah's psychic reading where she was told in 10 years she'd become a big stoner and wear nipple pasties on stage." I'm dead.

Then she posted a shot of Hannah in her "I Got Nerve" costume. No, I didn't need to look up this episode to know exactly which one it was. 13-year-old Kelli was a stan, OK?!

Miley Cyrus on Instagram

"@hannahmontana ready to FIGHT For gay rights!" Cyrus said in the caption, truly giving us the best of both worlds.

Thennnn things got pretty NSFW. Cyrus posted a shot from the first-ever episode that showed her face covered in white pie.

Miley Cyrus on Instagram

"It's not what it looks like," she captioned the post. Miley!!!

Then she took it even farther, posting another shot of the pie scene and captioning it, "Honeymoon Phase."

Miley Cyrus on Instagram

In the words of Miley Stewart: Former Disney darling who's now a big pop star and married to Liam Hemsworth, say what?!

After getting sexual, Cyrus gave us some feminism!

Miley Cyrus on Instagram

She posted a shot of her flexing in her Miley costume and said in the caption, "Girls are what???? Strong!" Yes!

And then, Cyrus started fangirling over Lisa Vanderpump of Vanderpump Rules and Real Housewives in the rest of her posts.

Miley Cyrus on Instagram
Miley Cyrus on Instagram
Miley Cyrus on Instagram

Oh, Miley. What a nostalgic ride you just took us on.

Now do a reboot. Do it. Plz.