Mercury In Capricorn Will Change The Way You Communicate, So Take Advantage Of It

Welcome to the year 2019. (Yeah, let that sink in for a moment.) This is our clean slate, as per the cosmos, and just so you know, there's a lot happening in the sky this month. Curious Mercury leaves adventurous Sagittarius on Jan. 4, and Mercury in Capricorn 2019 makes its cosmic debut in the heavens. By the way, not sure if you've noticed, but this is going to feel like a Saturn overload. (Granted, I know some of you are like, WTF does that even mean?) Remember, Saturn is Capricorn's planetary ruler, and as of Jan. 5, there will be a total of six planets in the sign of the mystical goat, considering the moon will be there, too!

Now, by Saturn overload, I also mean structure, seriousness, no bull sh*t, ruthlessness, cut-throat, what-you-see-is-what-you-get, etc. I've said this before, but Capricorn season starts on the first day of winter, and it's no coincidence. Similar to its brutal weather and harsh reality checks, Saturn, aka the Lord of Karma, always comes through when we misbehave. However, we can't hate on Saturn, considering this strict AF (you-get-what-you-give) celestial entity also rewards us when we put in the work. This is precisely why he is referred to as the Lord of Karma.

Something else to consider is, what would we do without structure? If there were no rules, traditions, or authority figures, (which all happen to be related to Capricorn) the world would be a completely different place, right? Mind you, I'm the least structured person on the planet, (Capricorn is literally my polar opposite, lol) but I'm also aware of this earth sign's symbolism, and overall place in astrology. Fact is, no sign is more important than the other. They're all incredibly unique, and equally as significant. So, don't let anyone tell you otherwise, OK?

Nevertheless, here's the 411 on Mercury in Capricorn:

Mercury In Capricorn: Jan. 4 - Jan. 24, 2019

Quick recap: Mercury is the planet of communication, thought process, and transportation. Whatever zodiac sign Mercury is in can help determine the overall theme of the conversation, as well as the general exchanges, taking place. Meanwhile, Capricorn represents everything related to structure, authority, tradition, and practicality. This cardinal earth sign is the technically the "wisest," as it comes after Taurus, and Virgo. Now, let's see what happens when we fuse both of these celestial energies: Mercury being the communicator, and Capricorn the energetic theme.

Talk The Talk, Walk The Walk

In Capricorn, Mercury is righteous, pragmatic, and in authority. This Mercury is traditional, practical-minded, and has no time to waste. Its mental stamina is like no other, and it will go to great lengths to achieve its goal. Something else is, Mercury in Capricorn doesn't do small talk. In fact, all its conversations have a specific purpose, as it wouldn't waste time having conversation otherwise. Long story short, this isn't the Mercury to schmooze, gossip, or crack jokes with. Think of it as a business meeting or proposition. For Mercury in Capricorn, time is money, and their choices are investments, literally.

Astrological Aspects

The day after Mercury slides into Capricorn, there will be a new moon solar eclipse in the same sign. This powerful eclipse will be making contact with Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, and the South Node, which means its effects are both karmic, and long-term. Although, it's important to observe the astrology that takes place before these celestial events, as they are all part of the story.

Don't get it twisted, stargazers. The planets are constantly moving, and making contacts to one another; therefore, these astrological aspects, together, feel like an endless chapter of lessons. With that being said, pay attention to what goes on in your life once Mercury enters serious Capricorn. Acknowledge its energetic presence, along with your eclipse story. The universe is always speaking to us.