Meghan Trainor Is Breaking Wedding Tradition In The Most Relatable Way Possible

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Getting married is an extremely scary prospect for me. But what's even more terrifying than lifelong of intimacy with one partner and one partner only is the concept of planning an entire wedding. The whole process just sounds like, well, a lot. But one extremely smart pop star has found a great way around one of the most tedious parts of the whole wedding planning process. You see, Meghan Trainor is texting her wedding invitations instead of mailing them out the old-fashioned way. Is it just me or is she a total genius?!

For those of you who missed the memo, the pop star got engaged to Spy Kids alum and my childhood crush, Daryl Sabara, back in December. And, in a recent interview with Jimmy Fallon, she got pretty candid about her wedding details.

First and foremost, she told Fallon that she and Sabara will be getting married in the winter and their reason for choosing the coldest season of all for their special day makes total sense. It's so she doesn't sweat, duh. "I sweat a lot," she admitted. "I'm sweating right now."

Next, Fallon asked about all of the other wedding stuff, like sending out invites and, it turns out, Trainor's planning on skipping those. "My problem is I'm not sending out invites because, ugh, no," she lamented to Fallon. "I'm texting people."

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Why is she so anti-paper invites? "That's a lot of work to do," she told Fallon. "I'm tired. I don't want to pick out a card and what if they don't get it in the mail? Who checks their mail? They always check their texts."

It's true, people. Like, honestly. I think this is a genius alternative. My only question is this: why aren't more people texting their wedding invites?! Like, hellooooo, it's 2018. Why are we still using the most dated form of communication to notify people of the most important day of our lives?!

For those of you thinking sending an e-card via email could be a nice alternative, think again. "What if it goes to junk mail? You know what I'm saying? It's not a guarantee," Trainor warns. "Everyone reads their texts, even if they don't respond."

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But Trainor does warn there is one downside to her casual method of inviting people. "I keep accidentally hanging out with friends and being like, 'Yo, you wanna see me get married?' And then I invite them and I'm like, 'Oh no! Why did I invite these people? You know?'" OK, this is a trap I could 110% see myself falling into. Like, seriously. I can't even plan a trip to the movies without accidentally inviting 15 people along the way. How am I going to handle planning my wedding?!

Trainor has such a hard time resisting the temptation to invite everyone and anyone that she even wound up shooting an invite to Fallon on air. "But if you wanna go, you can come too," she added to him. "I'll text you." LOL.

OK, here's to Meghan Trainor officially being my new idol.

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