Medium Tyler Henry Totally Predicted The Tristan & Jordyn Scandal, So Prepare To Get Chills

Jason Miller/Earl Gibson III/Randy Shropshire/Getty Images

Tyler Henry, psychic medium ~to the stars~, might have seen Khloé Kardashian's relationship troubles coming. During an appearance as the bartender on Watch What Happens Live on Wednesday, Feb. 20, Andy Cohen asked Henry about the time he did a reading for both Khloé Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. And Tyler Henry's prediction about the Tristan and Jordyn scandal was just shy of being right on the nose.

When Henry originally did a reading for Kardashian and Jenner, he predicted, "Someone tries to get with one sister and then tries to get with the other," according to Entertainment Tonight. During the Feb. 20 segment of Watch What Happens Live, Cohen asked Henry if he felt that prediction came true via the reported Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods scandal.

"I have my doubts because I feel like it was more of a sisterly thing, so, not so much,” Henry said to Cohen. "But I definitely in the reading saw the direction of the relationship and it didn’t look good. But I wish [Khloé] the best!” Oh, don't we all, Tyler. Don't we all.

The moment begins about 30 seconds into this video.

At another point during Kardashian and Jenner's reading, Henry said, "I would say for the current situation, so long as we can make sure distance does not end up being an issue, we’re fine." That suggestion tracks, given Kardashian and Thompson were in a long-distance relationship for most of their time together.

Kardashian spent the last few months of her pregnancy in Cleveland, Ohio, to close that gap before their daughter arrived. But then, Thompson reportedly cheated on Kardashian while she was still living in Cleveland just days before she gave birth. When this reported hookup with Woods went down, he was in L.A. visiting Kardashian and their daughter, True. Sooooo... it doesn't look like distance is what made Thompson reportedly be the worst.

There are visible parallels in Henry's prediction and the circumstances of this reported hookup, however. While Henry said his prediction was more about sisters, Woods was considered to be a sister to Jenner. Jenner even calls her Stormi's aunt, in addition to the "wifey" nickname she and Woods call each other. Woods is, by and large, Jenner's closest friend, so the Kardashians have always treated her like family.

Jenner reportedly has no idea how to handle the rumors. A source told People that the family didn't believe the rumors at all when they first learned of them. They reportedly learned of the reported hookup on Feb. 18, and on Feb. 19, TMZ and Hollywood Unlocked reported that Kardashian had dumped Thompson as a result. Elite Daily previously reached out to Kardashian, Thompson, and Woods' teams for comment on the cheating reports, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

“When they first started hearing on Monday that Tristan made out with Jordyn, no one really believed it,” the source told the outlet. “That Tristan would be inappropriate, yes everyone knows that he can’t behave, but that Jordyn would make out with him, it first seemed like a made up rumor.”

The source also claimed, “It wasn’t anything they wanted to drop, so several family members reached out to people they believed had been at the party. And they were told it was true.”

Now, Woods has reportedly moved out of Jenner's house and in with her mother. Elite Daily previously reached out to Jenner and Woods' teams for comment on the reports that Woods moved out, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

As for Thompson, he seemingly denied claims he hooked up with Woods on Feb. 19 in a since-deleted tweet that said "FAKE NEWS," according to E! News.

While I don't think Tyler Henry really predicted all of this drama (he doesn't even claim that he did), it is interesting to see that his prediction that the relationship would go south was correct (though, one might argue it didn't take a psychic to predict that much).

Anyone up for Khloé being the next Bachelorette?