h McDonald's is selling Double Big Macs & Little Macs for those who want a spin on the original.

McDonald's Is Selling A Double Big Mac That Comes With 4 Beef Patties


McDonald's is offering some brand new Big Mac options that'll make your mouth water. The brand is making it possible to get the classic burger in a more personalized size. If you've ever thought the original Big Mac was too much, or not enough, McDonald's is selling Double Big Macs and Little Macs, so you can choose which size to chow.

As a refresher, the legendary Big Mac features 100% pure beef patties, McDonald's Special Sauce, American cheese, lettuce, and pickles, sandwiched together with a sesame seed bun. The Little Mac at McDonald's features the same ingredients as the Big Mac, except there is no extra bun in the middle and it has a single beef patty, instead of two. The Double Big Mac is exactly what you'd expect it to be; all of the things you love on a Big Mac, put together with, not just two beef patties, but four. That's right, this monster of a Big Mac has four patties, stacked between one bun in the middle like the classic Mac.

As of Wednesday, March 11, you can buy a Little Mac or a Double Big Mac for a limited time at participating McDonald's locations nationwide.


Pricing and availability varies by location, but the Little Mac and the Double Big Mac sell for the suggested prices of $2.29 and $5.49, respectively. The regular Big Mac usually sells for $4.55. To verify your local McDonald's is selling the new Big Mac sizes, contact the store.

The new options are a take on an old idea, as Mickey D's had previously released different sizes for Big Macs. The brand introduced the Grand Mac and the Mac Jr. in 2017, and also brought them back in 2018, but the Grand Mac featured two larger patties and a bigger circumference, rather than the new Double Big Mac, which literally has double the patties.

The Double Big Mac and Little Mac at McDonald's are only available for a limited time, so you might want to try them before they're gone.