McDonald’s Reported New Oreo Mint McFlurry Is A Twist On The Shamrock Shake

Fall is officially here, but the Golden Arches is throwing it back to the luckiest time of the year with their newest McFlurry flavor. If you're already getting overwhelmed by all the pumpkin and cinnamon-spiced bites and sips that have been rolling out with the changing seasons, you'll be so here for the fact that McDonald’s is reportedly selling an Oreo Mint McFlurry that's serving up some major St. Patrick's Day vibes. With the addition of Shamrock Shake sauce, and it's basically like the Shamrock Shake and the Oreo McFlurry had a baby, and I need this indulgent creation to get in my belly.

While McDonald's has yet to confirm that this minty Oreo-filled mash-up is indeed a thing, I first learned about the existence of the Oreo Mint McFlurry when a YouTube blogger spotted it at his local Mickey D's in Southern California. Peep This Out! shared a review about it on the social media platform on Saturday, Sept. 21 alongside a poster advertising the new concoction as a limited-edition addition to the Golden Arches' current McFlurry lineup. I did some digging, and according to Reddit, it sounds like the fast food chain is currently testing out these goodies at select locations, although McDonald's didn't immediately get back to an Elite Daily email inquiring where those locations are and if there are any plans for a nationwide rollout at this time.

Still, I personally think it's near impossible to botch the always-satisfying combination of chocolate wafers and mint, and the fact that the new McFlurry draws its minty flavor from the cult-favorite Shamrock Shake syrup that makes the seasonal St. Patrick's Day offering so beloved by customers made me even more excited.

I mean, how can you go wrong with mixing the chain's signature rich vanilla soft serve and chunks of Oreos with some Shamrock Shake sauce? According to YouTuber Peep This Out!, it's "pretty amazing" as expected, and he noted that you can really taste the notes of Oreo with just a slight "mint accent" when you take a bite. If you're wondering what that tastes like, it sounds like you can basically treat your tastebuds to a Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookie in McFlurry form.

Per the sign shown in the video, the new Oreo Mint McFlurry is currently retailing for $2.69 at the blogger's local McDonald’s in SoCal, so I'd swing by your closest storefront in the coming days to see if it's also one of the lucky locations that will be testing out the new treat.

IMHO, the combination of mint and Oreo should be enjoyed 365 days of the year, and I'm so here for the fact that I can mix in the tasty new treat into my fall rotation of pumpkin spice and maple-infused goodies. Unfortunately, there's no telling how long this limited-edition concoction is going to be around at this time, so I'd take full advantage and grab a few if you happen to see one and report back to the rest of us.