Things Are Looking So, So Good For These 3 Zodiac Signs This Week

I hope you had a wonderful time indulging in sensory pleasures and being firmly rooted in the earth during Taurus season. If you ate good food, thought about your long-term goals, and went shopping, you did Taurus season right. Now, it's time to shake off your stupor, because the sun will officially enter Gemini as of May 21. Let go of everything you thought you knew and be open to change, because this is one of the most versatile signs in all the zodiac. This versatility will enchant us all, and this is especially true for a few signs in the zodiac. May 20, 2019, this will be the best week for Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. It's time to intellectually connect, go with the flow, and sprinkle magic all over your social life. So if you've got the element air for your sun or rising sign, you'll should be beyond excited about this astrological shift.

This transition is potent with energy as Mercury — Gemini's ruling planet — will form a conjunction with the sun just a few hours after Gemini season begins. While in Taurus, Mercury was patient, slow-moving, and possibly even rigid. The shift into Gemini will open the sails, get the ball rolling, and overwhelm your mind with creative ideas. This will banish stagnancy and release you from stubborn mindsets. Most enjoyably, it will instill within you a desire for something stimulating and titillating to the imagination. Feeling a little more inquisitive? Daring to think outside the box? If so, I'm not surprised, because Gemini season has entered the building.

Gemini: You Know Exactly Who You Are And You Love It

The sun and Mercury have charged into your first house of the self and you're feeling on top of the world. You're feeling in tune with your identity, confident in who you are, and ready to show everyone what you're made of. Use this energy to find strength in everything you've been through over the past year and bravery moving forward.

Mars — planet of power — is currently seeing dollar signs in your second house of finance. This week, Mars will form a sextile with Uranus — planet of innovation — which happens to be in your 12th house of the subconscious. You're seeing money in a new light and understanding how you can manifest it.

Libra: You've Embarked On The Journey Of A Lifetime

Adventure is calling your name, so don't sit back and ignore it. This is the time to get out of town and leap away from the humdrum of your daily life. If you can't travel, use this energy to open your mind to new perspectives, spice up your life with some culture, and see the big picture. After all, the sun and Mercury have entered your ninth house of expansion.

Your career is loving the boost it's receiving from Mars — planet of drive — and when Mars forms a sextile with individualistic Uranus while it sits in your eighth house of transformation, you're making some major waves. Watch your goals blossom into something bigger.

Aquarius: You're Seeing Stars In Your Eyes And Living It Up

Are you feeling creativity infuse your daily life? Are you seeing the world through a more artistic lens? It's time to express yourself and get in touch with your inner child, because the sun and Mercury have danced their way into your fifth house of fun and pleasure. Your task? To have a good time.

You're feeling methodical and productive lately with Mars — planet of energy — powering through your sixth house of work and health. Let this energy increase your motivation to get things done. When Mars forms a sextile with inventive Uranus, which happens to be in your fourth house of home and family, you're feeling so constructive, loving, and stylish when it comes to your home life.