Marvel’s 'Captain Marvel 2': Premiere Date, Cast, Plot Details, & More

The Marvel Cinematic Universe was not always a franchise to take risks. Fans are convinced it took seeing Wonder Woman in development at DC Films to get Captain Marvel on the schedule in the first place. It helped that once the the film arrived in 2019, it was a smashing success. Now, the plans for Marvel’s Captain Marvel 2 indicate the superhero brand in charging full speed ahead.

Even for Marvel's first film starring a woman superhero, Captain Marvel wasn't helmed solely by a woman. Instead, the movie had a co-directing team of Anna Bodn and Ryan Fleck, who also wrote the script. For the sequel, things will be different. The script is penned by Megan McDonnell, and the film is reportedly being directed by Nia DaCosta.

DaCosta will be the first Black director and second woman of color to direct a Marvel Cinematic Universe feature film. (The first woman of color director, Chloé Zhao, led The Eternals, which is due out next year.) DaCosta is best known for her work on the highly anticipated reboot of the horror movie Candyman, but most British TV watchers will remember her as one of the directors of the hit series Top Boy. Her coming aboard to run Captain Marvel's second outing promises this will be a heck of a ride.

Let's run down what else we know about the as-yet-unsubtitled Captain Marvel 2:

'Captain Marvel 2' Teaser


There is no teaser yet for Captain Marvel 2. As one of Phase 4's later scheduled films, filming is still years away from starting. There's not even an image of the title font yet.

'Captain Marvel 2' Cast


There's little to go on for the second installment of Captain Marvel, other than the director and writer so far. Brie Larson will be back as the titular character, Carol Danvers. But beyond that, there's merely speculation.

That said, there are some clues from which fans can extrapolate. The scriptwriter, Megan McDonnell, is a story editor on the Marvel-based series WandaVision. WandaVision, if you haven't heard, will co-star Teyonah Parris as Monica Rambeau, the now-grown daughter of Danvers' BFF Maria. Fans are betting the Rambeaus will both make an appearance in the new film, with Parris perhaps lining up to take the Captain Marvel title herself one day.

'Captain Marvel 2' Plot Details


With so little certain, it's hard to be sure what a Captain Marvel 2 film will look like. One of the problems with a character as powerful as Danvers is that she can wander around and move mountains and spaceships, and there's little drama in that.

Without some sort of way of inhibiting her powers (which was the plot of the original film), it's hard to see what Marvel might use as a plot device for Danvers' next outing. Maybe it will be two hours of Goose's Great Adventures. Listen, you'd watch that. I'd watch that. Let's not kid ourselves here.

'Captain Marvel 2' Theories


But that exact problem is what's given rise to the primary theory being kicked around about Captain Marvel 2, which is that, instead of being a movie about Danvers, it will serve instead as interim Avengers film, much like Captain America: Civil War was Avengers 22 1/2: The Smell of Civil Liberties.

The Captain America sequels were, after all, the last time Marvel ran into this problem. The character was taken out of time and separated from most of his supporting characters by several decades. His movies, therefore, became stepping stones in the larger mythos. Winter Soldier was as much a way to drive the Hydra plotline overall, as it was a way to bring back Bucky. As stated above, Civil War turned into an Avengers movie that serves as much to introduce Black Panther as it did anything else.

If that's the case, Captain Marvel might find itself used as much as a pivotal point for the broader story to turn on than just her adventure.

'Captain Marvel 2' Premiere Date


Currently, the only thing sure about the Captain Marvel sequel is the release date. It is scheduled for July 8, 2022.