Marsai Martin attends the BET Awards.

Marsai Martin Had The Most Hilarious Clapback For Trolls Hating On Her Hair

Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage/Getty Images

Marsai Martin just clapped back at internet trolls in the best way. The 2020 BET Awards were presented on June 28, and despite it being a virtual show this year, there was no shortage of celebrity appearances. Martin was on hand to present the Best Female Hip-Hop Artist award to Megan Thee Stallion, but, sadly, her appearance was met with harsh criticism. That being said, Marsai Martin's response to haters critiquing her hair and teeth during the BET Awards was so unbothered.

Martin addressed the cruel remarks via a video on her Instagram page, letting fans know she's been seeing the nasty messages online.

“So, I was on Twitter, and a lot of people have been addressing my hair and talking about my hair, and how it looks like a grandma’s wig,” she said, appearing to hold back tears. “And they’re talking about my veneers,” she added before pulling out her retainer. “These don’t look like a veneer to me.”

“It’s hard. I’m sorry to anyone that I offended or haven’t gotten to your expectations about how I’m supposed to be," she continued. "I apologize. I never want to hurt anyone’s feelings or have anyone worry about what my decisions are."

Then, Martin served up the ultimate plot twist. She grabbed a $100 dollar bill from outside the frame to blow her nose, revealing her tearful response was a complete joke!

"Y'all we are in quarantine, and we've got more things to focus on than just my hair. Justice for Breonna Taylor," she said. You can watch her Instagram video below.

Fans loved how Martin took the moment to demand justice for Breonna Taylor, who was fatally shot by Louisville Metro Police in her own home on March 13.

"I LOVE YOU!!! LET EM KNOW, GIRL!!!" one fan commented. "Shine on queen ❤️ love you proud of you!!!! #justiceforbreonnataylor indeed," another fan wrote.

Oh, and if success is the best revenge, Martin's got that covered. She also took home the Young Stars Award at the BET Awards. Clearly, Martin isn't letting any hate hold her back from shining.