This Charcoal Mocha Shake Topped With Cotton Candy Is Perfect For The 'Gram

Activated charcoal is probably not the first ingredient that comes to mind when you think of your favorite ice cream flavors, but that's about to change. Marble Slab Creamery’s Moondust Majestic Shake is a dreamy confection that features notes of vanilla frosting, Oreos, cotton candy, sprinkles, and yes, charcoal, and it's almost too pretty to eat — the key word being "almost." You're going to want to snap a photo of this bad boy before you dig in, because I have a feeling that it's about to take over your Instagram feed this summer.

In a press release shared on June 17, Marble Slab Creamery first revealed that it was getting summer started on the right foot (or flavor) with the launch of a limited-edition activated charcoal-infused shake and ice cream flavor. I don't know about you, but charcoal is probably the last thing that comes to mind when I think of typical ice cream choices. Still, it's impossible to deny that activated charcoal — which is typically made from burnt bamboo or coconut shells and gives food a slightly smoky flavor — is definitely having a moment in the food scene due to the trendy, impossibly 'Gram-worthy effect it gives to whatever it's mixed in with. In addition to its cool appearance, activated charcoal can apparently "aid in detoxing your body by binding to unwanted chemicals in the stomach," according to Spoon University.

I'm all about trying new flavor combinations, especially when they're this photogenic, which is why Marble Slab Creamery's Moondust Majestic Shake landed a spot on my "must try" list. According to press materials, the limited-edition ice cream base features notes of chocolate mocha and activated charcoal" and can be enjoyed in a cone (the chain suggests the Black Hole Waffle Cone to keep that whole gothic dessert vibe going) or as part of any of the retailer's creations including its Majestic Shake line.

While the Majestic Shake collection includes over-the-top creations like cotton candy and cookie dough-infused shakes, there's no denying that the Moondust Majestic Shake might just take the cake as the most head-turning addition. According to the press release, the shake starts with a base of charcoal mocha ice cream that's served in a jar "rimmed with vanilla frosting and Oreo crumbles." The confection is then layered with frothy whipped cream, Oreos, marshmallows, pink cotton candy, a black cherry rock candy lollipop, and Milky Way by Sprinkle Pop sprinkles to top it all off. It's basically a sugar rush in a shake, and my tastebuds (and Instagram) couldn't be more ready.

Annica Kreider, Executive Vice President of Marble Slab Creamery, said in the press release:

We're reaching for the stars this summer at Marble Slab Creamery with our new Charcoal Mocha flavor and Moondust Majestic Shake. Our Majestic shake line continues to be extremely popular and we love seeing our customers enjoying the treats on social media. This season is going to be ecliptic at Marble Slab Creamery.

Per press materials, this shake will be available for a limited time at participating locations for $9.99. While that's not exactly cheap for a shake, it's a steal for all the goodies that you're getting — plus Marble Slab Creamery is sweetening the offering with a special deal for National Ice Cream Month (aka July). All month long you can head to a location Monday through Friday from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. and score a free small cup or cone with unlimited mix-ins (including the new Charcoal Mocha ice cream flavor) with the purchase of a Majestic Shake.

While we still have a little bit to go until July, I'd keep in mind this ice cream flavor and the specialty shake are only available for a limited time. In other words, I'd take full advantage of adding some edge to your 'Gram in the sweetest way possible while you still can.