A Personal Love Letter To Mango & Its Fire AF Fall 2018 Collection

Every season I do this thing where I check out how all of the fast fashion retailers are translating runway trends into their own offerings. (Yes, "translating" can often mean straight up copying.) I've got to say, Mango's fall 2018 collection is a step above the other for its quality, originality, and wearability—and I can't say I'm surprised.

Over the past few years Mango has gotten good. Like, really good. Like, dare I say it, better-than-Zara good. (I'll wait for you to finish your gasp.) Don't get me wrong, I love me some Zara but the retailer does tend to rip off brands so blatantly and shamelessly that wearing the copycat piece can almost feel dirty, and I feel like their quality has gone down a bit. With that said, they are one of few the fast fashion retailers who are willing to take a chance on some of the more out-there trends that would only otherwise be offered on the high-fashion market and therefore at high-fashion prices, so kudos to them for that.

Mango, on the other hand, plays it a bit safer. But what they lack in gutsy-ness they more than make up for in higher quality and pure chicness. Everything they offer is good—there isn't a single piece that feels like an afterthought or a quick fix for a hole in the collection, and I really think that if my entire wardrobe was Mango I would probably dress better than I am now. Consider this a love letter not just to the brand's fall collection (the best pieces from which you can shop below), but to the brand itself. Period. Hard stop.

PS: Mango rules.

Old Meets New

The classic houndstooth print in an edgy modern silhouette. This jacket features dropped armpits and bomber jacket-like arms, which are balanced out by a structured collar and darting along the waist. It also comes with a matching belted skirt for double the fun.

LBD, But Make It Warm

This dress looks even more elegant on (checkout the on-model photos) and would pair just as well with a pair of white sneakers as it would the below stiletto boots. It's the kind of day-to-night wardrobe staple you always search for but can never usually find.

Scale It

Snakeskin accessories are huge this fall and these red-tinged boots just might be some of the best of them. Their dramatic silhouette and not-too-high heel render them a step above.

Forest Creature

Had you ever seen a forest green faux fur coat that you actually liked (read: loved) before this one? Me either.

Identity Crisis

Is it a necklace? Is it a purse? It's whatever you want it to be. It was undeniable that this accessory trend would be huge the second it hit Jacquemus' fall 2018 runway and Mango nailed it fast fashion-wise.

Old School

Like a school uniform, but way cooler. Pair it with Dr Martens and a fuzzy black turtleneck and you'll nail effortless edge in no time.

Capped Off

I love a pageboy cap. Always have, always will. This might be the one I finally buy.

Colonel Mustard

On the loom, with soft fabric. (If you got that Clue reference you are my soulmate.) This sweater is the perfect shade of melted butter yellow and it looks as soft and indulgent as it, too.

Pocket Play

There's something about a miniskirt cut from plaid, houndstooth or, in this case, herringbone that reads quintessentially fall to me. This piece also has a matching jacket, in case co-ords are your thing.

Crystal Clear

The perfect amount of costume-y, these drop earrings can be worn with literally anything. (And they'll let you channel your grandma.)

Seeing Spots

Leopard + swing skirt = dress perfection.