Maluma & Natalia Barulich's Relationship Timeline Shines Some Light On The Private Couple

by Christy Piña
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Maluma and Natalia Barulich are one of the hottest couples on the Latinx music scene. (I mean, look at them.) The two met on the set of Maluma's music video for "Felices los 4," where Barulich played a leading part, and they had some pretty steamy moments on camera. Needless to say, it seems like that chemistry rolled flawlessly off-set. Though they didn't immediately jump into a relationship, Maluma did admit in an interview that there was something ~there~ right off the bat. Maluma and Natalia Barulich's relationship timeline is full of sweet and sexy moments, all broadcasted for the world to see on their Instagram accounts.

The couple did take quite some time to go public with their relationship, but there were certain clues leading up to the official confirmation. They were seen holding hands in Mexico; they got a pup together and didn't exactly make it a secret that little Julieta was both of theirs; they were spotted loving it up in Italy. But none of this came to light until late 2017. Although, we don't know exactly when this couple got together, we do know that they celebrated their anniversary last summer, so it's safe to say they've been together for at least a year and a half. I am living for this couple, and once you finish checking out their timeline, you will be, too.

The two meet on set of Maluma's music video.

Over a year after meeting Barulich on the set of his music video, Maluma told Hola! in an interview, "It was love at first sight. She went on with her life, and I went on with mine, but shortly after we started dating."

Rumors about their possible relationship start to spark.
natalia on Instagram

The music video was released in April 2017, but the two weren't seen together in public until November, when they were spotted in Mexico, Hola! reported. They were seen sharing a table and holding hands at the Global Gift Gala, but neither one spoke about their relationship until a few months later.

They get Julieta.
princesajulieta on Instagram

At the end of 2017, an adorable new puppy account graced our Instagram feeds: Princesa Julieta. It quickly became known that this adorable Pomeranian pup was co-owned by Maluma and Barulich when they both individually posted a picture with the little floof.

Maluma and Natalia are spotted running around Italy together.
natalia on Instagram

Days before the couple officially spoke about their relationship, they were photographed showing some major PDA in Italy, Hola! reported. Though neither of them posted pictures of each other or together from their time in Italy, they did post pictures and videos of themselves, confirming they were in the same place.

They confirm their relationship.
Al Rojo Vivo on YouTube

At the end of January 2018, within a few days of each other, Maluma and Barulich both confirmed their relationship. Maluma spoke about how he feels about Barulich with Telemundo's Al Rojo Vivo, and Barulich posted her first official picture with Maluma on Twitter.

"We have a great time together, we have fun, we love each other, and we also support each other," Maluma said in his interview. "I think those are the fundamentals. It's the most important thing. Right now, we're dating. We like what we have, I like her company, and she supports me and loves me, so you're all seeing me like never before."

Can someone say Instagram official?
natalia on Instagram

Even after they confirmed their relationship, it took a few months for the couple to make it Instagram official. In April 2018, after months of teasing, they posted their real Insta confirmation. (Kisses and cute caption included!) Maluma posted a gorgeous picture of the two of them and Barulich blessed us with the video above.

They celebrate their anniversary at 37, 000 feet.
natalia on Instagram

Now, we don't know exactly when these two started dating, but based on this anniversary picture Barulich posted in June 2018, it had been at least a year. She captioned it, "Love of my Life.. Happy Anniversary 🥂❤️ Vamos Colombia!! 🇨🇴" It may be safe to assume this was their first anniversary, considering the "Felices los 4" music video came out in April 2017, and was probably filmed a few months before that.

Maluma gets very ~real~ about his feelings for Natalia.
natalia on Instagram

In an interview with Hola! in August 2018, Maluma gave us a glimpse at his more vulnerable and very much in-love self. He said, "Natalia is a very special person for me. I love her very much. She came into my life at the right time. It’s the first time people know something about my private life and my relationships – it makes me happy that people know that side of Juan Luis. It’s important that people know I fall in love, suffer, and cry like anyone else. Natalia means a lot to me."

The holidays are proof their love is strong AF.
princesajulieta on Instagram

Natalia returned the favor of speaking so highly and lovingly about Maluma over the holidays. On Thanksgiving, she posted a picture with her amor and captioned it, "This Thanksgiving, I am especially thankful and grateful for the love of my life and our little Julieta. 🐕 Thank you for your love, kindness, understanding, patience, everything you do in our relationship & our beautiful home. I love you forever my Juan Luis ❤" Honestly, I'm crying. A few weeks later, she posted a Christmas picture with Maluma and captioned it "All I want for Christmas.. ❤️"

Suffice to say, these two seem very happy together. Along with their pup, they make one cute AF family. Here's hoping they keep flooding our feeds with relationship updates for years to come. Now if you'll excuse me, I have more pictures to fawn over.