Madisson Hausburg going public with Isamel Soto on 'Siesta Key'

'Siesta Key' Star Madisson Hausburg Opens Up About Her Relationship With A Show Producer

Bradisson fans, it's time to say goodbye. Madisson Hausburg has officially moved on from fellow Siesta Key cast member Brandon Gomes, and her new relationship looks like it'll be even more dramatic. Just before the Season 3 premiere of Siesta Key, Hausburg revealed she's dating Isamel Soto, a 46-year-old former producer of the MTV show. The 25-year-old knew revealing her new bae's identity to her outspoken friends and family (while cameras were rolling) wouldn't be an easy task, but Madisson Hausburg says going public with Isamel Soto on Siesta Key is ultimately something she's excited for audiences to see.

Hausburg has been a staple of the Siesta Key cast since the show debuted on MTV in 2017. From the very start, she's given audiences a front-row seat to the ups and downs of her friendships and relationships. In Season 1, audiences saw Gomes cheat on Hausburg, and in Season 2, fans witnessed her lend a supportive shoulder to her high school sweetheart, Jared. But Season 3 has perhaps the biggest drama yet, since it will show Hausburg going public with her new man. Although Soto is no longer a Siesta Key producer, Hausburg knew people would be shocked by the news — especially because of their 21-year age gap.

"It was a very difficult thing for me to come out with, because I was so afraid of the criticism I would get when I came out to my friends and family," Hausburg tells Elite Daily. "My relationship was scary to bring to the group."

Judging by this sneak peek of her revelation to fellow Siesta Key star Chloe Trautman, Hausburg had a right to be nervous:

In addition to friends' snarky comments, Hausburg says she was really dreading the talk with her loved ones. "I am the youngest of four daughters in my family, so, you know, my parents obviously still see me as their baby," she explains. "My relationship with a much older man, it's not really what they envisioned for me."

Though it obviously wasn't an easy experience going public with her new relationship, Hausburg expects a few good things will come from sharing her relationship journey for everyone to see. "It was it was great to be able to be out in the open with it and finally share. Like, I wanted to be able to share the person I love with my friends and my family, who I also love," she says, adding: "I think rewatching [the season as it airs] ... is going to be really, really tough, and hopefully therapeutic at the same time."

Hausburg also hopes audiences will be inspired by her unconventional love story. "I think it's really important for everyone to see that you love who you love, and it doesn't matter about the age or how you met," she says, emphasizing that as long as you're happy in a relationship, that is what is most important.

Despite everything that goes down in the upcoming season, it seems the couple is still going strong these days. Hausburg took to Instagram on Jan. 1 to share a photo of Soto kissing her on the cheek, thanking fans for their kindness and expressing excitement for the future.

That said, don't expect smooth sailing for the couple after their splashy Season 3 debut. Although Gomes moved on to Camilla Cattaneo in Season 2, he's apparently still heartbroken over Madisson, so trouble could be on the horizon when the old and new love interests come together.

Hausburg's relationship isn't the only one getting buzz in Season 3. Another much-anticipated couple to watch is Juliette Porter and Bachelor Nation's Robby Hayes. Fans already know the pair is now broken up, but their relationship blossomed while cameras rolled and is bound to bring an interesting new element to Season 3. "Everyone ... opens up more, and I think it really shows," Hausburg says about the new episodes.

Siesta Key Season 3 premieres on Jan. 7 at 8 p.m. ET on MTV. In the meantime, check out the latest trailer for a peek at what's to come.