Uh, Peter Told Madi He Loved Her 2 Days Before He Was Spotted With Kelley

by Candice Jalili
Maarten de Boer/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

Season 24 of The Bachelor may be over, but the drama sure isn't. The most recent scandal involves Madison Prewett's quote about Kelley Flanagan dating Peter Weber. During an April 21 appearance on Kaitlyn Bristowe's Off the Vine podcast, Prewett claimed Weber told her he loved her just two days before those now infamous pictures of him and Flanagan galavanting around Chicago surfaced.

He had texted me two days before. And [then] he texted me after it had been out for a couple days,” she said. “He sent me this long, long text, kind of explaining himself, but not really. Just kind of sharing the current situation or whatever. I was very kind back, I was just like, ‘Look, this doesn’t affect anything for me, like, we went our separate ways, it’s not like I lost something here.’ I guess, but I told him kind of what I’m saying. What I’m confused about Peter is two days ago you were telling me how much you loved me and wanted to get back together and now you’re with the one person that was my best friend. It just feels a little hurtful.”

Oh, and did I mention the pictures leaked on March 26, which also happens to be Prewett's birthday?

“It kind of felt like it was a jab at me to do that on my birthday and to not even like reach out or anything,” she said. “But again, I say this genuinely meaning it, I saw something special in Kelley, that’s why she was my best friend. I saw something special in Peter, that’s why I loved him and wanted to fight so hard to make the relationship work. So they’re obviously both incredible and special people.”

As for that whole "best friend" thing, Prewett explained earlier on the podcast that Flanagan was her bestie in the house and that the news definitely threw her for a loop. "We were best friends, actually. We were inseparable throughout the entire process,” Prewett told Bristowe. “I was definitely hurt and thrown off by that whole situation. I want the best for the both of them, but I definitely was thrown off.” As of now, she said she hasn't spoken to Flanagan in “in a really long time."

Maarten de Boer/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

To be fair, the women did become best friends on a show that had them both vying for the same guy's heart. Prewett's bestie is now with her ex, but they only forged that friendship while they were both dating the same dude. I think the situation warrants a little amendment on standard girl code rules.