Madison Beer Clapped Back At Fans For Bullying Her Over Plastic Surgery Rumors


A month after Madison Beer denied rumors about getting plastic surgery, photos surfaced of the singer outside of a cosmetic surgery clinic, causing fans to believe she had a procedure done and wasn't being transparent about it. YouTube star Mia Khalifa also shaded Beer for supposedly not being honest about her enhancements. Madison Beer's response to plastic surgery shade will make fans think twice before jumping to conclusions.

It all started in May when Beer went on TikTok to shut down rumors about getting plastic surgery. Despite speculation from fans she got work done, the singer insisted she had only gotten lip fillers that have since dissolved.

"[My lips] are literally all I’ve ever done and people will continuously say ‘oh she got an eyebrow lift,'" Beer said. "It’s just so exhausting. Literally everyone who wants to say that I’m a horrible person and I’m lying to my fans... my fans, my real fans, they know that I’m being truthful."

On June 15, the situation got messy when a fan shared photos of Beer appearing to hide behind a bush from paparazzi at a cosmetic surgery clinic. The post instantly received thousands of retweets, with many fans claiming Beer was trying to keep her procedure a secret.

Khalifa then shared a TikTok of herself appearing to be recovering from a nose job. "I'd never hide behind a tree. Don't compare yourself to anyone on the internet, you're beautiful," Khalifa captioned the clip, seemingly shading Beer.

Seeing all the shady posts directed toward her, Beer went on Twitter to share an important message.

"Bandwagon hate and mass bullying is something I’m not okay with. Sorry. Bullying has been an issue that has led to suicide and depression for so many for years and years and still people do not care to change. focus on your own lives and stop being so hateful towards strangers," she wrote.

The star then revealed the real reason why she was at the clinic.

"I was there for a consultation to get a mole removed. (which i shouldn’t even need to clarify cuz it’s my business) I wasn’t 'hiding.' I was waiting for my car & walked out normally. but these pics go ignored. I’ve gotten death threats bc of this situation. see the issue?" Beer tweeted.

The singer added she'll continue to focus on her music career and hopes people can stop bullying each other online. "anyyyywaayyys. i’m gonna continue to focus on my music, my fans and the people who know and support me. that’s it. i jus hope one day we can end bullying together because it’s fucked up," she wrote.