Madison Beer steps out in black leather pants.

Madison Beer Went OFF On Haters Who Say She's Had Plastic Surgery

TM/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images/Getty Images

Madison Beer has had it with false rumors about her online. After fans accused her of speculating she had plastic surgery in the past, she decided to clear a few things up in a TikTok livestream, sharing a fierce message for her haters. In Madison Beer's response to plastic surgery rumors, she insisted she's au naturel from head to toe.

First off, Beer said she wanted to maintain complete transparency, and admitted she has had her lips enhanced in the past.

"I said very transparently, the one thing I’ve ever done, which was I got my lips done and I got them dissolved," she said on her TikTok livestream. "That’s literally all I’ve ever done and people will continuously say ‘oh she got an eyebrow lift'."

She then vehemently denied getting any recent fillers or work done on her face. "My lips literally look the same from when I was a kid," she said at one point. "And I’ve gotten older so no sh*t that they f*cking maybe have grown. It’s just so exhausting. Literally everyone who wants to say that I’m a horrible person and I’m lying to my fans... my fans, my real fans, they know that I’m being truthful."

You can see several snippets of her livestream below.

In the past, fans have pointed out the differences between older and newer photos of Beer, but the influencer wants them to be more thoughtful before pointing fingers.

"What pisses me off about it is it doesn’t take long to just do research. And people will take these ridiculous photos of me. I could still do that!" she said when sharing a throwback photo of herself in which her lips appear smaller.

After seeing the videos defending herself, many fans had Beer's back all the way. "Omg y'all need to calm why do you care what she does with her body," one fan commented. "Bro people that are hating on her are just jelly," another wrote.

However, not everyone was convinced by Beer's video. "She needs to understand that we literally wont care if she just confesses she got fillers," one fan said.

One thing's for sure: Beer does not hold back when defending herself.