Macy’s Is Literally Giving Away Products For Free This Black Friday

Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The season of turkey and pie is almost upon us, which means it's officially time to start thinking ahead to the gifts that you want to bestow upon your loved ones come Christmas. Finding something special for the people in your life doesn't have to break the bank, thanks to that most hallowed of shopping holidays, Black Friday, and this year's anticipated deals are already making it feels like it's Christmas morning. Forget free shipping or deep discounts, because Macy’s Black Friday 2018 sale includes a free slow cooker in addition to a bunch of other freebies (yes, seriously), so start planning ahead if you want to start feeling the Christmas spirit a little early this year.

Shoppers are getting a sneak peek at what to expect on Friday, Nov. 23, thanks to a leaked Macy's holiday ad that's making its rounds around the internet. Twelve crave-worthy items are listed as "free after rebate," which means that you could be grabbing products like a normally $72 Giorgio Glam perfume or, my personal favorite, a 1.5-quart Bella Slowcooker for $0. If you've always wanted to adult with a set of cream Ralph Lauren throw pillows or if you're in the market for a new watch or tote bag, there's literally never been a better time to get these items, because they'll be completely gratis on Black Friday.

TBH, these might be the best Black Friday deals I've seen yet, even with the requisite fine print. Here's how the mail-in rebate works. First of all, before you start making plans to buy out the store's whole selection of slow cookers, keep in mind that there's a limit of 1 of each item per household. In addition, the blockbuster deals are only available "while supplies last" in-store on Black Friday, which means you'll definitely want to arrive early to beat the hordes of shoppers and have your pick of the best items. It also appears that the rebate is only available for items purchased before 1 p.m., which is just another reason to set your alarm clock after your turkey feast.

According to the ad, the 12 items will be sold at a discounted price averaging about 50 percent off. If you purchase your Longchamp or Martha Stewart glassware set before 1 p.m., you're eligible to mail in a rebate, which means that you'll receive a Visa Prepaid Card in the mail in about 6-8 weeks later (minus sales tax). This almost sounds too good to be true, TBH.


The 12 freebies appear to be just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to that day's shopping steals, as the ad also says that every shopper who spends $50 at Macy's that Friday has the option of taking home a pair of diamond earrings (normally $200) for just $29.99. That's a savings of about 85 percent, and what better way to brighten up your Christmas morning than with a pair of dazzling diamond studs that didn't break the bank?

Again, you have until 1 p.m. to take advantage of the mail-in orders and take home some of the season's most covetable items without spending a dime. In my opinion, it's well worth powering through the turkey hangover and heading to your nearest Macy's early, but even if you don't get to purchase your pearl earrings or gold toe slippers before the deadline, you'll still be getting some pretty incredible Black Friday discounts.