Here's How To Get A Free Lyft Ride This Week, Thanks To Your Phone Plan


As if Super Bowl Sunday weren't sweet enough with the amazing deals, snacks, and performances being thrown our way, T-Mobile just made it a little bit sweeter. If you haven't heard yet, the mobile phone company's latest initiative, T-Mobile Tuesdays, offers T-Mobile customers truly incredibly deals, prizes, and savings every single Tuesday. And now, there's one new deal coming that'll genuinely make your morning commute way easier. In case you're wondering about Lyft's T-Mobile Tuesdays deal, peep the phone company's newest collaboration with the car service and ride to your destination hassle-free this week.

T-Mobile unveiled the collaboration in a Super Bowl commercial featuring an all-too-relatable text interaction between a Lyft driver and a customer named Mike who just needs some support, you know? I feel Mike. You feel Mike. We all feel Mike. Essentially, the text goes something like this: The Lyft driver lets Mike know they're here. Mike says, "Thanks. It's been pretty rough lately. It's nice to know you're there for me." God, hard same. Needless to say, the convo gets a little bit awkward from there on.

Peep the commercial below, and then, let me know if you think we should all reach out to Mike to see if he's OK:

If you think this text interaction looks a bit familiar, well, that's because it is. A meme featuring a (presumably fake) text interaction of the same nature between an Uber driver and a customer went viral a while back. Still, the meme may not be new, but that doesn't mean the deal isn't.

Rest assured, this is T-Mobile's way of being there for you. This new Lyft deal comes as part of T-Mobile Tuesdays, which is essentially T-Mobile's way of "thanking" its customers. T-Mobile Tuesdays allows T-Mobile customers to download the T-Mobile Tuesdays app, register using their phone number, and head back to the app every Tuesday for new deals from brands like Dunkin', Puma, and Taco Bell every single week.

"While Verizon and AT&T have been taking their customers for a ride for years, we're all about giving ours a ride on us," John Legere, CEO at T-Mobile, says on T-Mobile's website. "The best customers in wireless deserve a Lyft. It’s a massive ‘Thank You’ just for being with us. For free. For real."

To access the Lyft deal, T-Mobile customers need only head to the T-Mobile Tuesdays app on Tuesday, Feb. 5, and save the offer through the app, which will present you with a code. Then, you can input that code to your Lyft app on the 5th, and you'll score a $10 voucher for a ride that you can use at any point during the month of February.

In case you slept on T-Mobile's commercial earlier in the Super Bowl, this deal with Lyft isn't the only new one they're releasing. The brand also announced a partnership with Taco Bell for T-Mobile Tuesdays, where T-Mobile customers can also access a free taco each week starting Feb. 5.

They're feeding us. They're driving us around. Is T-Mobile a cell phone carrier or are they my mom?