Lyft Is Launching A Cleaner Way To Ride Through Its New Green Mode Program

Kelly Sullivan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's no secret that the environment is in peril right now. Some days, I really feel like the deck is really stacked against the future of our planet. For that reason, I try and do what I can to minimize my small impact, but that's easier said than done sometimes. It's great when we all do our part to contribute, but it's even better when a major corporation announces efforts to cut back on their carbon footprint. Lyft's new Green Mode option aims to do just that.

The new ride option will begin to utilize electric vehicles for users who prefer a greener commute. The Green Mode service isn't available everywhere just yet, but you can expect that to change in the months to come. According to Lyft, the program will begin to roll out in Seattle and further expand to other cities around the country this year.

In a press email, Lyft said that a number of customers were eager for more eco-friendly ride options, which is why the company decided to develop the Green Mode program. The new ride alternative will give users the ability to choose between a hybrid vehicle or an electric vehicle, according to Lyft. You should be able to find the Green Mode option within the Lyft app once it becomes available in your area.

Drivers who do not have an electric vehicle can also sign up to rent one from the company through Lyft's Express Drive program, according to the ride-share company. Drivers will need to apply to be considered for the rental program, but there are no long-term contract commitments. In my area, Lyft drivers are required to give a minimum of 20 rides during the rental period, according to Lyft. Also, the insurance and standard maintenance costs are included in the program, as well as unlimited use. Seems like a pretty sweet gig if you ask me.

This isn't the first time Lyft has made a big push to benefit the environment. In Nov. 2018, Lyft became the largest ride-share bike service in the country. The bikeshare program fits right in with Lyft's "vision to improve transportation access, sustainability and affordability," according to a blog posted to Lyft's website. Additionally, Lyft announced a Green Cities Initiative in Sept. 2018. The internal department was brought to fruition to help target climate change. As a part of the initiative, Lyft founded a multi-million dollar carbon offset program which means that all rides provided by the company are carbon neutral.

TBH, Lyft's eagerness to fight climate change is a breath of fresh air. I have my own car, but I definitely partake in ride-share programs like Lyft when and where I can. I love supporting a company that has the planet's best interest in mind and this initiative makes me want to give Lyft my future business.

The new Green Mode option kind of gives me the same warm and fuzzy feelings like when I found out about Patagonia's $10 million donation. The money is a result of 2017 savings from Trump's tax cuts and Patagonia donated the money to "groups committed to protecting air, land, and water, and finding solutions to the climate crisis," according to a statement from Rose Maracario, the CEO of Patagonia.

As I said, I'm all for businesses doing what they can to support and protect our precious planet. I look forward to using Green Mode once it is available in my area.