Lyft’s Latest Partnership Will Help You Get To Your Next Concert Right On Time


I can say from experience that there's absolutely nothing worse than trying to go to a music festival or a concert, and being dropped off blocks away from where I'm trying to go. By the time I've finally walked over to the venue gate that's closest to my seat, there's usually a huge line or, in some cases, I've missed the first few minutes of a show that I really wanted to see. Luckily, that might be a thing of the past when Lyft and SeatGeek’s Live Event feature launches, and I'm so on board. Forget about missing any of the action, because the app will allow drivers to drop off and pick up live event-goers as close as possible to their actual seats.

According to Lyft, SeatGeek and Lyft will be teaming up in late October 2018 to make it easier for fans to get to and from events with minimum hassle. Here's how it works, per an Aug. 22 press release. When fall comes around, users can request a Lyft ride through the SeatGeek app. Your exact seat location and gate number will be shared with the rideshare company, which means your driver will be able to drop you off or pick you up with the least amount of walking (and missed experiences) on your part.

Based on images from the press release, the feature looks similar to the location options offered at airports to help travelers save time and effort trying to find their rideshare cars, and for good reason. Lyft estimates that this feature will save "up to 30 minutes in walking time at large stadium venues," per the release, which means you'll have more time to watch your favorite artists an cheer on your number-one team without worrying about missing out on anything.


“Our partnership with Lyft is a perfect example of what openness can do for fans, and what has been lacking in this industry,” SeatGeek Co-Founder Russ D’Souza said per the press release. “This is innovation that will noticeably improve the fan experience, as we look for more ways to make it easier to access and enjoy live events.”


Part of this includes the addition of new custom maps that'll help even the most directionally-challenged person find their way around their venue and to their seat as quickly as possible. As an extra bonus, Lyft customers can save money on their trips by scoring exclusive discounts when booking their ride through the SeatGeek app.

The concept sounds so simple, yet it's a complete game-changer for anyone who loves going to live events. I can't count the number of times I've left a concert a few minutes early to beat the rush, only to realize that my driver is on the other side of the arena and I missed an epic encore performance. Or the occasions that I've shown up to a game 15 minutes late, only to find out that I missed a great play from one of my favorite players. Unfortunately, the app is missing out on summer festival season, but you'll definitely want to download it when late October comes around.