Lush's Adorable Easter Collection Needs To Hop Right Into My Bath

Matthew Horwood/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Spring is right around the corner, and with the budding flowers comes Lush’s Easter-themed Spring 2020 collection. One of the internet’s favorite skincare and bodycare brands, Lush constantly delivers the most adorable, clever products, but these limited-edition Easter goodies are especially cute. Available for a limited time on, these are Easter eggs like you’ve never seen before.

Lush is no stranger to dropping holiday-themed collections. You may remember the Eggplant Bath Bomb and Peach Soap for Valentine’s Day that went viral in 2019 and were brought back in 2020 because they were so popular. The brand even dropped a koala-shaped soap to help raise money foranimals affected by Australia’s wildfires in January 2020. Although there is nothing particularly risqué for this drop, the quirky items are sure to be a big hit with Lushies. With bubble bars, bath bombs, shower jelly, and basic soaps, all in the vein of rabbits, eggs, and springtime, you can fill your entire bathtub with the Easter spirit.

Maybe the most whimsical of all of the new products is the Magic Rabbit Bath Bomb ($7, Lush). With two large bunny ears poking out of a hat, this bath bomb has a couple tricks up its proverbial sleeve. After dropping the fizzer into your bath, your water will transform with enchanting swirls of dark purple, pink, and blue, as a fruity aroma fills the air.

The Sunnyside Up Shower Jelly ($6, Lush) is a perfect way to start your day. The pineapple and Brazilian orange oil fusion brightens and refreshes skin and smells divine. Lather up with this like any other bar soap to start the day feeling radiant.

The Cream Egg Bubbleroon ($7, Lush) isn’t filled with chocolatey goodness, but the cocoa and shea butters and spearmint oil are a close second. By cracking this egg, you can fill your tub with mountains of hydrating bubbles and a stimulating minty scent.

Not quite an egg, but definitely egg-shaped, this Avo Good Easter ($11, Lush) soap is sure to be a millennial favorite. Made with actual avocados, your favorite brunch food now has even more purpose. Although this soap may keep you from being able to buy a house, it’ll leave you feeling refreshed and moisturized.

Definitely not your regular Easter egg, this Dinosaur Egg Bombshell ($11, Lush) not only fizzes and crackles into a pool of bright greens and yellows, but the dinosaur also works as a bubbler. The intoxicating aroma of grapefruit and cherry is not to be missed, either.

If you’re feeling out of sorts, Lush’s Lucky Carrot Bubble Bar ($7, Lush) may be the mood lifter you need. The citrus smell will bring blissful, yet invigorating zen to your bath time. Crumble the root into the running water and let the bubbles carry you away while the lemon and tangerine oils refresh your skin.

Whether this Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt ($8, Lush) makes you think of Willy Wonka or Daenerys Targaryen, you’ll leave your bath feeling luxurious either way. With a blend of olive oil, cocoa butter, almonds, and a toffee scent, your skin will be deeply conditioned— and smell irresistible. Not to mention, the plastic-free glitter adds another layer of decadence to your relaxation that you don’t have to feel bad about.

Although Lush showed serious love to the traditional symbols of Easter, they shook it up with this Donkeys Knot Wrap ($6, Lush). You can use this vibrant wrap over and over as wrapping paper, a bag to hold your soaps, or as an accessory.

If you or someone you know loves Lush’s Butterball Bath Bombs, grab Bunny Buttercheeks ($13, Lush) for a double dose of the popular bath bomb. The adorable packaging sees the Bombs as the Bunny’s cheeks, and even though it’s not yet out, it’ll make an amazing gift for any spring babies.

Why not make your Easter basket just one big egg? This Golden Egg ($40, Lush) is filled with the cutest Easter goodies: the Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt, the Magic Rabbit Bath Bomb, the Sunnyside Up shower gel, and the Cream Egg and Lucky Carrot bubble bars. It’s like a beauty Kinder Egg.

Lush also made a classic Easter Basket ($35, Lush) if you prefer a more traditional style. The basket includes the Dinosaur Egg Bombshell, the Cream Egg Bubbleroon, and the Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt, all contained up in a colorful, reusable wrap.