'Love, Victor' was renewed for Season 2 by Hulu.

Hulu Renewed ‘Love, Victor’ For Season 2, So Get Ready For More


Victor Salazar's epic love story will continue, because Hulu has officially picked up a second season of Love, Victor. The second season pickup came less than two months after Season 1 ended with a few major cliffhangers, so fans have a lot to look forward to in the upcoming episodes. Now that everyone knows Love, Victor Season 2 is coming, let's go over everything fans can expect from the follow-up season.

Hulu announced the network picked up a second season of Love, Victor during a Television Critics Association panel on Friday, Aug. 7. The streaming service also renewed its culinary docuseries Taste the Nation with Padma Lakshmi for a second season, but surprisingly canceled its freshman drama series High Fidelity after just one season. The opposite fates of Love, Victor and High Fidelity are particularly interesting, given both shows were originally created for Disney+ but made notable jumps to Hulu after Disney's streaming service deemed them too mature.

Since Season 1 was made for the family-friendly Disney+ but the series is now at home on Hulu, executive producer Brian Tanen revealed the writers will "push the envelope" much more with the second season. In particular, Season 2 may include much more sex than the debut season did, as Tanen pointed to a potential storyline where a couple characters are anxious about losing their virginities over the same weekend.

Fans have a lot of other theories about what might go down in the second season. Spoiler alert: The rest of this post includes spoilers from throughout Love, Victor Season 1. The big things fans are looking forward to in new episodes are followups to the major cliffhangers in the Season 1 finale. Most notably, Victor revealed he's gay to his parents in the final moments, but viewers did not get to see how his parent reacted. Plus, every romantic storyline is kind of in the air after that finale: Felix and Lake may finally be publicly an item, Mia and Andrew may reconnect after her breakup with Victor, and it looks like Victor and Benji may finally get together.

Something else fans can look forward to in Season 2: More Love, Simon cameos. The first season brought back Simon and Blue for a meaningful episode helping Victor discover himself, and drama teacher Ms. Albright also made a brief return. Tanen teased the Love, Victor team is optimistic they can bring even more characters from the movie into the TV series in Season 2.

Unfortunately, it's hard to predict when Season 2 might finally air given production shutdowns due to the coronavirus pandemic, but if things go smoothy, fans can probably expect more Love, Victor sometime in 2021.